9 Best Native Ads Platforms In 2024

Native advertising has recently become more popular than other types of advertising, such as display or banner adverts. Every month, the typical individual receives around 1,700 banner advertisements. However, audiences view native advertisements 53% more frequently than display ads, and they interact with them favorably more often. Like Google AdSense, the publisher would get compensated for each click through CPC (Cost Per Click). Native advertisements are a terrific method to monetize websites and are frequently utilized for content marketing. Utilizing native advertising aims to lessen the overt commercial appearance of commercials. You have undoubtedly encountered some sponsored posts that look like relevant topics or articles after reading the entire content. These are the native advertisements that don’t seem like adverts at all, yet they nonetheless draw more user attention to them. The top 9 native ads platforms are listed below for your consideration:

1. AdStyle


AdStyle Native Advertising Platform is a revolutionary way to advertise on the web. It allows businesses to reach out to their target audience in a more engaging and personalized way. The platform uses advanced AI algorithms to optimize ads for different devices, platforms, and locations. It also offers comprehensive analytics and insights so businesses can track the performance of their native ads campaigns. AdStyle’s Native Advertising Platform is designed to help businesses maximize their ROI while delivering an enhanced user experience.

2. AdNow

AdNow: Native Ads Platforms

AdNow is a native advertising network powered by widgets with more than 150,000 publishers globally. Its RPM prices are on par with those of the major companies in the ad network industry. You may place an ad widget wherever on your content thanks to it. Although there is no minimum traffic requirement to join AdNow, the website must have high-quality content.

  • Publishers are paid by AdNow depending on impressions. Additionally, by introducing people to their site, you may increase your earnings.
  • All websites are personally approved, although it is important to confirm the website’s ownership.
  • Their publishers may make distinct desktop and mobile apps, and their widgets are very configurable.

3. TripleLift

TripleLift: Native Ads Platforms

Network of Native Ads. A popular Native Ad Network for marketers and publishers is TripleLift. It provides the chance to transform your content into lovely in-feed native advertisements.

  • They pay on a cost per thousand (CPM) or cost per mile (CPM) basis, so the amount you receive will depend on how many impressions you receive.

4. AdSense Native Ads

AdSense Native Ads

Google AdSense Native Ads is a collection of ad forms. Also, you can access native advertisements if you have an AdSense account. You may arrange and display them any way you like. Besides this, the advertisements might take the shape of a list of articles or items on your website.

  • A content suggestion tool called “Matched Material” assists users in promoting their content to website visitors.
  • Google employs premium advertising components to provide your users with a fantastic reading experience.
  • Within their Matched content units, publishers that qualify for the “Allow advertisements” function can show pertinent ads.
  • They can drastically raise income, page visits, and visitor retention time by using this category.

5. Redirect.com


Native advertising, international traffic, and domain optimization are services offered by Redirect.com. Through its powerful and real-time auction mechanism, it also buys and sells traffic. The service is distinctive since it features a custom geo-targeting technology. Advertisers can target any particular nation, city, or area using this approach.

  • The native ad spots offered by Redirect.com have a comprehensive design that’s simple to utilize.
  • You only need to submit your title, copy, picture, and landing page URL, and you’re done.
  • Redirect works with all types of businesses and does not have any special landing page criteria.

6. Sharethrough


Sharethrough advertises contemporary programmatic displays and videos. Also, it develops native ads and places them in such a manner that they blend in with the rest of the online content. Sharethrough enables publishers to fully manage their native ad strategy.

  • They may generate and update various versions of the advertising in real-time, with alternative headlines or photographs.
  • Native ad placements on a publisher’s website can be adjusted.
  • The data in the report is organized by date or channel, such as news, sports, and entertainment.

7. Earnify


Earnify is a native ads platforms for generating visitors quickly. By attracting over 800 publications, including well-known brands like news.com.au, BBC, and others, it demonstrated its value. Also, it is a DSP, which implies that using OpenRTB, it is connected to several Supply Side Platforms, like Outbrain.

  • These kinds of sites are used by Earnify to generate visitors for its advertising efforts.
  • As a Demand Side Platform (DSP), it has the enormous advantage of generating lots of traffic quickly.
  • Utilizing these tools, their bidder does approximately 100 different quality assurance checks on each imprint.
  • This makes sure that only the publisher is competing for actual traffic.

8. Sovrn


This native ad network was launched in 2014 and has expanded quite quickly. Global brands like Gateway Media, Meredith, Ancestry, and others are now linked to it. Also, it currently belongs to the Proper Media family.

  • The platform Spoutable is founded on the idea of exit ads.
  • It implies that the publisher may make money even while the user navigates away from the page.
  • This is a method of making money off exit traffic without jeopardizing the current ad stack.
  • By matching the best CPM ad unit for each site, Spoutable unique machine-learning algorithms automatically optimize the advertising.

9. AdPushup


Adpushup is not another native ads platforms, but rather an ad income optimization technology. It makes use of a variety of techniques, such as its in-house A/B testing tool, to improve publisher-side ad layouts while still preserving the user experience. Over 300 publishers trust the platform, which operates in more than 50 nations worldwide.

  • Content producers may access more than 50 premium ad exchanges with Adpushup, including OpenX, Media.net, Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, Index Exchange, and District M.
  • These alliances provide its publisher partners with access to the leading international brands, campaigns, and also advertisements.
  • Other advantages include recovering money lost as a result of ad blockers and header bidding for ad inventory.

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