8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024

May 23, 2024
Popup Builder WordPress Plugins 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 WP Popup Builder

One effective way to increase engagement and sales is using popups, and the best way to build them is by using Popup Builder WordPress Plugins. By using popups, you can provide your site visitors with an enhanced visual experience and notify them about your various products, sales, offers, discounts, product details, etc., without leaving the current page.

Popup Builder WordPress Plugins come in handy when you need a quick and reliable way to build various popups without writing a line of code. You can use these 8 Best Popup Builder WordPress Plugins completely free of charge to quickly build Popups for your WordPress site and WooCommerce store.

List Of Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins

1. Pop Up Box By Ays Pro
2. Popup Maker
3. Popup Builder by OptinMonster
4. Popup Builder
5. WP Popups
6. Icegram Engage
7. WP Popup Builder
8. FireBox Popup Builder

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1. Pop Up Box By Ays Pro

Pop Up Box By Ays Pro 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 Pop Up Box By Ays Pro

The Pop-Up Box Plugin by Ays Pro is a powerful and versatile WordPress Pop up plugin designed to help you create engaging popups that can significantly boost your website’s conversion rates. Whether you are looking to build email lists, promote products, or provide important notices, this plugin allows you to do so with ease, without requiring any coding skills. It’s user-friendly and mobile-responsive, ensuring that your popups look great on any device.

Key Features

  • Multiple Popup Types: Choose from 15+ types of popups, including Shortcode, Custom Content, Video, Subscription, WooCommerce, Login, Accept Cookie, Yes/No, Iframe, Contact Form, Subscribe ad Get a File, Coupon, Countdown, Download and Google Maps. This variety allows you to tailor your popups to meet specific needs and goals.
  • Customization: Create fully customizable popups with over 70 features. Whether starting from scratch or using a ready-made theme, you can design popups that match your website’s look and feel.
  • Advanced Targeting: Show popups based on use behavior. Schedule popups to appear at precise times to maximize engagement.
  • Performance Tracking: Use the reporting features to track impressions and measure the effectiveness of your popups. Export and import popups for use across multiple sites.
  • User Interaction: Enhance user experience with popups that offer video content, email subscription emails, countdown timers, and more. Provide quick access to important information or promotional offers.
  • Compliance: Easily add cookie consent popups to comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Pricing Plans:

Business Plan – 59$ (Originally 75$)

  • One-time payment
  • Ideal for small businesses and individual websites
  • Access to all popup types and features

Developer Plan – 149$ (Originally 250$)

  • One-time payment
  • Perfect for developers and agencies managing multiple websites
  • Includes all features of the Business Plan with additional support and advanced customization options


2. Popup Maker

Popup Maker 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 Popup Maker

The Popup Maker plugin lets users create conversion-focused popup campaigns to boost revenue and grow email lists on their WordPress site and online store using popups, banners, slide-ins, etc. The plugin lets you use its unique Popup Editor to build any content inside and can change the popup sizing, position, animation, and other attributes. Besides this, it has various Conditions features for popups that enable you to target the right audience. Furthermore, the Popup Maker plugin can trigger popups to open in numerous ways, such as by Clicking a button to open, Opening automatically, and when a form is submitted or someone has scrolled down your page.


3. Popup Builder by OptinMonster

Popup Builder by OptinMonster 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 Popup Builder by OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a multi-purpose popup builder that you can use for building visually appealing popups for WooCommerce sales campaigns, email subscription forms, Yes / No Popups, Fullscreen Welcome Mats, etc. Also, it enables you to create mobile-based sales popups and customize them based on your customers’ cart, order value, and other relevant factors. Furthermore, OptinMonster has a plethora of attractive features that include animations, sound effects, smart A/B testing, reliable conversion analytics, social media sharing, success tracking scripts, etc. These features make OptinMonster an excellent choice for businesses that require sophisticated and powerful tools for enhancing the effectiveness of their popups and email marketing campaigns.


4. Popup Builder

Popup Builder WordPress Plugin 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 Popup Builder

Popup Builder is another excellent option for creating a wide range of popups, including conditional popups and events popups such as Image Popup, Countdown popup, Exit Intent, and GeoTargeting popup. It also enhances conversion rates and sales while achieving marketing objectives. This exceptional popup builder provides a custom JS/CSS coding option, allowing users to create unique and fully customizable popups. Furthermore, you can select the preferred popup opening and closing styles and ensure that your popups are mobile-responsive. The plugin also enables you to develop Network or multisite-compatible popups. So, you should try the Popup Builder plugin for your site.


5. WP Popups

WP Popups 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 WP Popups

WP Popups gives multiple display filters that you can combine to show your popup uniquely. These display options include Show popup depending on referrer, Show popup to logged / non-logged users, Show popup on specific pages, templates, posts, etc., and filter options include Filter user from search engines, comment, arrived via another page on your site, via roles, etc. Furthermore, its easy and intuitive template builder lets you create and customize your popup with no coding skills. You can display important messages such as EU Cookie notice, boost social engagement, add CTAs, grow mail lists, and more with the WP Popups plugin. Besides this, the plugin gives you various settings like Shortcodes for social networks, 5 Different popup locations, Popup trigger by time, scrolling % of the page, or scrolling X pixels, Font color, background, borders, etc.


6. Icegram Engage

Icegram Engage 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 Icegram Engage

Icegram Engage is a robust suite of conversion tools designed to turn website visitors into loyal subscribers and customers. This WordPress lead capture plugin empowers users to create a wide range of popups, including lightbox, email opt-in, lead gen, video, exit-intent, scroll-triggered, timed, click-triggered, full-screen overlay, slide-in, ecommerce, and entry popups. In addition to these popup options, Icegram Engage offers a variety of floating bars, slide-ins, exit triggers, and other marketing tools to help you engage with your target audience effectively. Furthermore, Icegram Engage helps you connect with the target audience and turn them into loyal customers with its advanced targeting features and CTA options.


7. WP Popup Builder

WP Popup Builder Plugin 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 WP Popup Builder

WP Popup Builder gives you beautiful pre-built popup templates that you can use and customize with its powerful drag-and-drop editor. With WP Popup Builder, you can build lightbox popups and show them on your site pages, posts, and Widget areas with or without Shortcodes. Furthermore, the plugin lets you customize these popups through background, fonts, styling, colors, images, etc. Besides this, the WP popup builder has a real-time editor that shows any change made to popups live on screen. In addition to this, the plugin offers a Popup Form & newsletter option, Multiple styling options, Popup Appearance and timing Auto Close time option, Styling options for buttons, and more.


8. FireBox Popup Builder

FireBox Popup Builder 7 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 8 Best Free Popup Builder WordPress Plugins In 2024 FireBox Popup Builder

It helps you boost your conversion rate, and turn site visitors into followers and loyal customers with eye-appealing popups. This popup builder gives you precision targeting and smart triggers to convey your message to the right audience. Also, FireBox is a WP Block Editor-based plugin that delivers a whole new popup-building experience. You can easily insert, re-organize, and style your popups through blocks. The FireBox plugin includes features like Popup Gallery, Multiple Campaign Types, Precision Targeting, Analytics, 60+ Animation Effects, Opening Sound, Smart Tags, and more. FireBox also has an intuitive Visual Editor that lets you configure your popups to emerge from any part of your site.


Popup Builder WordPress Plugins are valuable tools to enhance user experience on your WordPress site. They offer the ability to preview key products or other details on popups, thus freeing visitors from the inconvenience of having to open individual site pages. Popups also bring more sales and add to overall business success by keeping visitors to your site for a longer time. As a result, it is recommended that you use popups on your WP site to leverage these advantages.

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