How To Change Date Format In WordPress

How To Change Date Format In WordPress

Hey guys, today in this article, we will discuss How To Change Date Format In WordPress. So keep reading.

Do you need to modify the date format that is currently being used on your website?

WordPress has a simple option for this incorporated into the administration area, you won’t need to install any other plugins.

In this article, you will learn how to modify the format of a date and how to build your own personalized date forms.

How To Change The Date Format

How To Change The Date Format

The General Settings tab on your dashboard is where you may make the necessary changes. You will be able to view the configuration options there.

There are a few different formats available for you to pick from. Choose a new date format and save your changes to bring the date format on your website up to date.

The new style will be used across the site, including in places such as the post line and comments.

If you don’t find the format you’re looking for, you can always design one yourself.

How To Create A Custom Date Format

In order to get started, go to and look at the date and time format guidelines. A table specifies the characters that may be used to design your own format, which you can find here.

Consider the case of a site that publishes once a month, as an illustration. Because there is only one post every month, it is not necessary to display the date on which it was published. This implies that you might use a format like as.

The month name character (F) may be found in the WordPress documentation, and space and the year character should follow it to complete the sentence (Y).

Once you’ve determined the characters, type them into the format box and click Save to save your changes.

All of the dates on your website will be updated in real-time.

How To Add A Timestamp

How To Add A Timestamp

The majority of WordPress users are unaware of the fact that they may include timestamp characters in their date formats. Take, for example, the following date formats:

March 2, 2022 – F j, Y
8:23 a.m. – g:ia

The first is an explanation of a date format, while the second is an illustration of a timestamp.

You may use this combination of characters to construct a date format that contains a timestamp, as seen in the example:

March 2, 2022 8:23am – Fj,Y, g:ia

It is possible to change the dates across the site to reflect both the current date and the publishing date and time by using the characters F j, Y, g: ia.

Some themes may not enable the usage of dates and timestamps in the same sentence.


WordPress makes it easy to change the date format that is used on your website.

As long as one of the pre-existing formats meets your requirements, you may easily choose it and proceed with your project. Customizing date formats on your website gives you a great deal of versatility in terms of how dates are presented on your site.

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