How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

Worldwide, online food ordering has been incredibly popular. The majority of restaurants provide online ordering, takeout, and reservation services for tables. A third-party food ordering service can assist you, or you can include an online ordering system right on your website. We’ll talk about How to setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress in this article.

How to Setup a Food Delivery Website in WordPress?

At first, we will outline the procedure in simple phases. To connect a How to Setup a Food Delivery Website in WordPress, all you need to do is install Commerce and a plugin. These are the actions.

Make a website using WordPress.

People from all around the world use WordPress, one of the most well-preferred content material control systems, to build loads of websites. You may additionally completely depend upon WordPress if you want to build an eating place website with online ordering. To

If you have no prior experience, read this article to study the differences between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com.

You should now pick a web hosting company and sign up for a site name if you are making use of the WordPress.Org content control system.

You can begin using WordPress as soon as you have resolved both of these problems. The articles listed below may come in helpful when you’re first starting with WordPress. These steps help How to set up a food Delivery Website in WordPress.

Install and configure a plugin for the online ordering process.

Using a particular plugin is the simplest approach to setting up an online ordering system in WordPress. It will assist you in displaying the menu items you wish to offer for online delivery. We’ll go over how to build up an online ordering system in easy stages.

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1. Install and activate the plugin

A premium plugin may be obtained, or a free plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. Later in this post, we have mentioned a few of the well-known plugins that are accessible. Installing and activating the plugin is required after downloading the plugin zip file. We use the free plugin RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System for this example.

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

On activation, the plugin adds five new pages (mentioned below) and a few more settings to the WordPress admin panel.

  • Checkout
  • Order confirmation
  • Orders
  • Transaction Failed
  • Food items

A shortcode that renders the unique functionality for each of these pages will be included in the majority of them.

2. Configure the plugin settings

After adding all of the necessary food products, you may set up the plugin to correspond with your plan.

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress


There are several parameters available in the plugin to build up an online ordering system. We’ll talk about the key subject here to get you going. For more thorough instructions, see the plugin instructions.

You may choose the page that shows the food items and other relevant pages under the General tab.
Additionally, you may define the store location here. Here is also where you may indicate any minimum order limits. You may also configure currencies, order alerts, service, and checkout settings under the general tab. You can arrange these according to your store’s plan.

Payment gateways

The payment gateways are an additional essential part of setting up an online buying system. The plugin accepts cash, PayPal, and Amazon payments by default. On the checkout page, you may show symbols for various payment methods in addition to activating the choices according to your needs.

Email notifications

You may manage the templates and set the times at which certain emails will be sent under the Emails section.

Tax settings

To assist you manage how taxes are collected from the sale of food goods, the plugin includes a Taxes area.

3. Create a list of food items

When you enable the plugin, it will automatically generate a page to showcase food products. The shortcode [[fooditems]] will be present. You may now make distinct food items that will appear on this page.

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

Go to Food items > Add New in the WordPress admin panel to add a new food item.

Create a food item in this instance and include its name, description, picture, pricing, and other information.

A food item’s category is added.

Additionally, you may add a category for the food item here. Click the Add New Category button to add a new category, or click the box and choose from the selection to add one of the already-existing categories when generating the food item.
You may navigate to Food Items> Categories on the admin panel, fill in the required information, and then click the Add New Food Category button to create a new category on its own.

Extras for your meals

You can include whatever extras you have with a cooking item. We are making “BBQ Sauce” as an add-on for this example. To do that, we will first construct the add-on category “Sauce” and then the item “BBQ.” You have the option to limit the amount of options allowed per order, add a fee, or mark the add-on as “Required.”

You can publish the food item once all the necessary information has been added. Any number of food products that you would want to have included in the ordering system can be published along with the categories to which they belong.

4. Manage online orders

The online orders may be seen and managed by going to RestroPress > Orders, where you can also sort and handle orders just as you would with normal E-commerce orders.

When a new order is placed, you will receive push notifications on your computer if you have configured them. Therefore, a WordPress Website for Online Restaurant Ordering
You may customize the notification sound, icon, duration, and other elements to suit your tastes. Setting up email notifications (discussed previously in the text) depending on various statuses is an additional choice.

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

5. Customize the frontend

You may add the Food items page to your navigation menu so that users can locate it on the front end of your website after setting up the plugin and adding all the food items.

How to Setup a food Delivery Website in WordPress

You can add the Food items page to your menu by going to Appearance > Menus.

After that, a consumer visiting your website and selecting the ‘Food items’ option will see a list of the products along with an opportunity to add them to their basket. WordPress Website for Online Restaurant Ordering. Consumers may select Delivery or Takeaway, add the required products, enter the time, and, if necessary, verify any add-ons linked to the item.

Active voice: Customers will then proceed to the checkout page, where they can complete the transaction, select a payment option, enter address information, and provide any delivery instructions.

Best Free Themes to Set up a Food Delivery Website in WordPress?

Following are the Four Themes mentioned:

1. Fast Food Pizza

Fast Food Pizza


For your pizza shop, fast food restaurant, pizzeria, restaurants, burger shops, multicuisine food outlets, Mexican and Chinese food joints, dine-in restaurants, pizza delivery, cafes, etc. Fast Food Pizza is a free WordPress theme. The design is simple, easy to use, adaptable, and suitable for a variety of uses. For your internet company, this responsive theme has intriguing features and a lovely appearance. Its design is polished and provides easy customization possibilities, along with a selection of fonts and colors. Performance will always be improved and a wonderful user experience will be provided by secure and clean scripts.

You get amazing sections like Team, Testimonial, and more with a lightweight design and a quicker page load time. In addition, there’s a gorgeous banner, and social media choices will come in useful for efficient advertising on several social media sites. Because of the SEO-friendly coding and strong structure provided by the Bootstrap framework, it is simple to find your website among many others. The design is dynamic thanks to CSS animations. Additionally, the theme has RTL and WPML support, enabling you to translate your website.

[Get Theme]

2. Restaurant Fast Food

Restaurant Fast Food

The colorful and intuitive Fast Food Restaurant template was created especially for restaurants who wish to highlight their mouthwatering menu items online. Designed with ease of use in mind, it offers quick-service restaurants a simple means of creating a visually appealing and interesting online presence. This topic is appropriate for many companies, such as quick-carrier restaurants, pizza parlors, and burger places. It’s best for all and sundry who wish to attract traffic with an eye-catching, consumer-pleasant website. The Fast Food Restaurant theme has a vibrant and delicious design with an emphasis on aesthetics.

It allows restaurants to present their menu items with beautiful photographs, causing website visitors to want their favorite meals immediately. Customers can locate information about the menu, location, and contact data with ease thanks to the layout’s simple navigation. Because the theme is responsive, it works and looks fantastic on various devices, including smartphones and desktop computers. This theme’s simplicity is one of its main benefits. It makes it possible for fast food businesses to have a visually appealing online presence without requiring complex website construction or technological know-how. This is especially advantageous for small firms on a tight budget that want to have a powerful online presence.

[Get Theme]

3. Kortez Restaurant

Kortez Restaurant

If you want to create a website for your own restaurant or a business, Kortez Restaurant is a great option. Readers will be able to fully enjoy the experience of reading blog posts and articles thanks to the wealth of simple but creative features and effects offered by this simple theme. Restaurant owners may easily display their food efforts on Kortez Restaurant’s visually beautiful platform thanks to its polished tone. This theme allows users to create an eye-catching website that not only engages visitors but also leaves a lasting impression, regardless of experience level in the kitchen. It delivers the ideal mix of creativity and practicality.

The basic and clean Kortez Restaurant theme is ideal for anybody looking to design a personal or business restaurant website with a few unique elements and effects that motivate customers to read blogs and articles.

[Get Theme]

4. Restaurant Recipe

Restaurant Recipe


The wonderful and incredibly responsive WordPress theme Restaurant Recipe was created mainly for use in eateries, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, sushi bars, barbeques, bars, fast food, Italian restaurants, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and pizzerias, as well as other food and beverage establishments. Any hospitality company, including hotels, resorts, lodges, and homestays, can use this theme. Restaurant and café owners may showcase their services, menu items, unique recipes, and other features to showcase their business abroad and get the most benefits from this theme.

To create the ideal layout for cafés and restaurants, stunning typefaces, tempting images, well-organized widgets, and eye-catching animations were used in its creation. WordPress Live Customizer, Page Builder Compatibility, Unlimited Slider, Advanced Logo Options, Custom Sidebar Areas, Layout Controls, Color Options for Each Category, Breadcrumb Option, Translation Ready, and many more amazing features are available. Additionally, it is a multipurpose theme that is ideal for businesses in the food, drink, and hospitality industries as well as for a variety of other uses, including fashion, corporate, events, travel, portfolios & blogs, and fashion.

[Get Theme]

Best Free plugins to set up a Food Delivery Website in WordPress?

Following are the five plugins mentioned:

1. Food Store – Online Food Delivery & Pickup

Food Store – Online Food Delivery & Pickup

Active voice: We made Food Store extremely simple, uncluttered, and easy to use by expanding the fundamental features of WordPress and WooCommerce. You may still access all of your WooCommerce categories, and options, and the convenience of configuring your store and navigating the settings page.

You may turn your business into a center for quick food orders by using Food Store. Customers may view your available menu online and choose a time that works best for them to pick it up.

This plugin assists you with all of your restaurant-related needs and sets up the cart and checkout with several payment gateways using the core WooCommerce functionality.

Get the Plugin

2. RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

RestroPress is a WordPress system for online food ordering. You can quickly and simply install a food ordering system to your WordPress website with this stand-alone WordPress plugin. You may quickly receive orders for delivery and pick-up/takeaway with RestroPress.

Accordingly, RestroPress features an intuitive front-end and back-end interface that makes order management simple. It also includes a pre-configured user dashboard that lets users manage their orders and profiles.

When you enable the plugin, it adds the necessary pages to your website automatically. The [fooditems] shortcode is used by the plugin to output the food items on your website.

Get the Plugin

3. WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin

WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin

    • Conceived for Pizza Delivery Businesses, but flexible enough to serve any restaurant type.
    • Maintain your restaurant menu online and accept cash on delivery orders.
    • Set categories, multiple prices per item, and descriptions.
    • Several layouts are built (Default, Responsive, Grid).
    • New order notifications.
    • Opening/Closing times per day.
    • Allow tips/gratuities.
    • Simple discounts.
    • Multiple tax rates.
    • Order reports.
    • Multilingual Frontend (just update labels in the admin settings page and/or widget as required). WPML compatible.
    • Multisite enabled.
    • Keeps track of your online orders.
    • Shortcode enabled.
    • Many other additional options are inbuilt.

Get the Plugin

Food Menu – Restaurant Menu & Online Ordering for WooCommerce

Active voice: The Food Menu plugin is a fantastic tool for WordPress restaurant menus. Therefore, You can use it in widgets, pages, articles, and free WordPress themes. The entire content of the WooCommerce plugin for food ordering is composed of HTML5 and CSS3. It is ready for shortcodes and widgets. You can also show one or more categories, all food products, or multiple classes immediately with this WordPress meals menu plugin.

Get the Plugin


In conclusion, putting in place a food transport internet site in WordPress includes choosing an appropriate theme, installing vital plugins for online ordering and price processing, and customizing the site to fulfill the wishes of the business. It is important to be conscious of consumer enjoyment and functionality to make sure it is a hit online food shipping platform.

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