How to Setup A Pet Shop Website In WordPress

It may be difficult to care for our small animal companions sometimes, and finding reputable pet specialists takes effort. For this reason, customers frequently resort to Internet platforms when looking for pet care services. We’ll walk you through on “How to Setup A Pet Shop Website In WordPress” website where clients can quickly contact service providers.

A Brief Overview About Websites for Pet Care

Pet owners looking for pet care services and the professionals who offer them can find what they need on pet care websites. These websites fall under two categories:

A website for a business; An online marketplace for services.

Pet care businesses and clinics, such as veterinarians, pet shops, and grooming parlors, usually run the first one. The second one functions as a central point of contact for pet owners and a network of service providers; pet owners may peruse, schedule, and evaluate the services provided by different pet specialists on these platforms.

How to Open a Pet Supplies Online Store

Opening an online pet supply shop is not like opening other types of stores. This is because pets are mostly animals and birds, so their needs vary. The pet industry uses special product suppliers. The tactics you use for other internet stores are not applicable here.

Select the Niche for Your Store:

The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of pet items you wish to offer. You have the option of selling a wide range of pet items or even specialized pet product lines. This implies that you can maintain a broad and a small pet store specialty.

Niche For Your Store

However, I would advise you to focus on a smaller specialty for your shop to increase sales and profit. You may, for instance, market pet supplies, toys, and clothing. You may even offer to take care of pets. Your specialty will be stronger the more narrowly you can define it.

How to choose the specialty for your online pet store-

  • Recognize your beloved pets, whether they be birds, animals, or both.
  • Select the product categories that you want to provide.
  • Look at the hottest items for pets.
  • Give smaller, less expensive goods priority to increase sales and reduce storage needs.
  • Remember to read customer reviews to weed out subpar goods.

Determine Your Target Audience:

Selecting a specialty is not the only crucial step in determining your target audience. Identifying your target market can enable you to manage your marketing efforts more effectively, especially if choosing a niche aids in the selection of your product line and website design.

It is simpler for you to market your goods and services when you are aware of the location, age, gender, marital status, and other demographic information. To increase the likelihood of purchases, you might start marketing initiatives that are specifically aimed at them.

You may perform country-by-country marketing research on pet expenditures to have a better understanding of your target market. For instance, it is stated that dog owners in America spend $1480 on average per year. Their annual expenditures on pet cats decrease to $902.

Select Pet Product Vendors:

You essentially have two options when it comes to obtaining pet supplies for your internet shop. Either locate and choose a trustworthy wholesale source, or purchase products from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. and resell them on your shop. Naturally, this only applies if you aren’t producing pet goods yourself.

Pet product providers may be found with the use of dropshipping marketplaces like Oberlo, Doba, and AliExpress. To find trustworthy providers, you may also search supplier directories or aggregator websites. Among them are SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, and Wholesale Central.

Produce and Complete Product Selection:

The next stage is to make a catalog of the pet supplies you want to sell in your online business. To help you with that, you may analyze Amazon’s greatest sellers to get a sense of what you should approach. You may even devote your time to eBay and AliExpress, which are Amazon’s equivalents.

Additionally, you may evaluate pet items using sites like SaleHoo and similar ones, which will help you decide which products to carry in your store.

Establish a pricing strategy for your goods:

This is a very important stage, especially if you want to succeed in the pet product industry. Randomly setting your product’s pricing will probably put you at a disadvantage. Therefore, before deciding on a price strategy for your items, conduct the required research. To gain a more insightful understanding, examine your rivals’ pricing methods in greater detail.

Investigate and devise successful strategies to differentiate your online shop. Marketing gimmicks are useful tools for luring potential customers. For instance, you may price a product at $16.99 rather than $17 since consumers are inherently drawn to lower-priced goods.

Pricing should be kept straightforward since consumers don’t want to deal with complexity. It is recommended that you price your items at $15.99 instead of $15.52. Even though the second price appears greater, the simplicity of the later pricing makes it more likely to captivate purchasers than the former.

Furthermore, ensure that the **.99 price style is used for inexpensive goods. This is because decimal points don’t look nice on expensive things. $7000 appears more straightforward and appealing than $6999.99. Finally, especially for pricey items, don’t ignore package deals and free delivery services.

Selecting a Platform for Pet Product Sales

Every prerequisite has been completed! It’s now OK to start selling your pet supplies online. That being said, there are several avenues in which you may market your pet supplies.

Products for pets can be sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. There are several advantages to selling goods in these markets. Selling goods on these platforms is inexpensive, easy, and hassle-free. You will also be exposed to these marketplaces’ enormous client base.

However, there are disadvantages to selling goods on online markets. You won’t have much leeway in setting up your business procedures; instead, you must operate your company by its structure and rules. Additionally, you have to provide these markets a profit share of between 5 and 30%.

Nevertheless, creating your own e-commerce website is another method of selling your pet supplies. This is the most effective method and the main body of this article. Starting your own internet business will allow you more freedom and enable you to differentiate yourself from rivals.

You do not even need to provide any marketplace a portion of your profit. A content management system (CMS) like WordPress or an e-commerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, etc. can be used to launch an online pet supply business. You may even decide to start from scratch when creating your online business.

Since WordPress is inexpensive, extremely configurable, and easy to use, I would always advise you to use it to construct your pet-related online business. You will also receive a ton of plugins and extensions, such as ShopEngine, WooCommerce, ElementsKit, and Elementor, to expand the features of your online store.

Select a Domain Name:

The following step involves deciding on and purchasing a domain name for your online pet supply business. An internet search for domain names will yield a plethora of options. However, to get visitors and customers to remember your brand for a longer amount of time, you need to come up with a memorable domain name.

It makes sense that the most desirable domain names could already be taken. So, to come up with a great domain name, you need to be a little imaginative. Find out which domains have previously been used by conducting internet research. Your domain name search will be made easier because you will have fewer alternatives.

Always strive to select a domain name that has anything to do with the goods you offer for pets. To improve audience engagement, make sure your domain name is clear, succinct, and uncomplicated. Finally, to ensure that your domain name is registered in your name, remember to register it.

Select a Hosting Company:

To launch your website on the Internet, you must also choose a hosting company in addition to a domain name. For your website, you must pay a web host to rent space on their server on a monthly or annual basis.

Your website will be accessible on the Internet after it is hosted on a server. Additionally, by entering the domain in search engines, your visitors can reach the store.

Numerous hosting companies are available for hire. Among the well-known ones are Namecheap, Siteground, InMotion, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, and so on.

Select Plugin:

Below you can check the best three free plugins:

1. List Petfinder Pets

Shelters and rescues can list pets for adoption for free on Petfinder. Using the Petfinder API, the List Petfinder Pets plugin allows you to list the pets you currently have accessible on your website. Your free Petfinder API v2.0 API key and secret, together with your Petfinder shelter ID, are all you need.

You can: use the List Petfinder Pets plugin

  1. Showcase every Petfinder animal in your shelter on your own website.
  2. Put a featured or randomly selected Petfinder animal in a widget.

[Get Plugin]

2. Pets

You may use this plugin to manage Pets on any WordPress website.

You may add as many fields as necessary for your own pets using the customized Fields Manager.

Breed and Colors are the two custom taxonomies included with this plugin.

This plugin works with Give, a contribution plugin, if you would want to take donations. Donors may select to fund one or all of your pets.

[Get Plugin]

3. Pet Adoption Listing

With the help of this plugin, you may show adoptable pet listings from a shelter’s profile in two simple methods using iframes.

One method involves using the shortcode pet_adoption_listings, which you can include in any post or page. When utilized, it displays the available pets from the shelter’s profile.’s shelter_id is the sole necessary parameter; however, you are also able to select the iframe’s height and width.

Alternatively, you may use a widget in your sidebar or anywhere else in your theme that shows available dogs. Choose the listing’s height, the types of pets to display (all by default), and the Shelter’s ID (which is necessary and can be found on

[Get Plugin]

Select Theme:

Below you can check the best three free themes:

1. Animal Pet Store

Animal Pet Store

For companies in the pet sector, such as pet shops, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics, Animal Pet Store is a flexible and eye-catching solution. For companies that cater to animal lovers, this theme provides a complete platform for product showcases, pet-related service promotions, and attractive online presence creation. This theme meets the unique requirements of companies that cater to pet owners with its contemporary and animal-friendly style. It also has sections dedicated to special items, veterinary care services, and store or clinic details. To give visitors a visually appealing and immersive experience, the layout makes use of high-quality photos of pets and pet-related items.

[Get Theme]

2. Pet Food Shop

Pet Food Shop 

The really stylish WordPress theme Pet Food Shop is perfect for any kind of veterinarian food store. Its simple user interface and clever homepage layouts give it a contemporary, sophisticated, and attractive look. With the theme’s simple modification options, you can easily create a personalized pet food website. The theme is very adaptable. It has all the areas you need to add text and photos to effectively present your goods and services on your website. Because the theme makes use of the Bootstrap Framework, the website loads pages more quickly and is lightweight and responsive.

[Get Theme]

3.  VW Pet Care

VW Pet Care

Pet Care is an advanced and all-inclusive solution created to improve pet-related companies and offerings. Carefully designed, this theme provides veterinarians, pet clinics, groomers, and pet care businesses with an eye-catching and easy-to-use platform to highlight their specialization. The Pet Care theme offers prospective customers a welcoming web experience with its sleek, contemporary style. Because of its user-friendly design, customers can easily explore services, get crucial information, and interact with your company. This theme puts utility first while also improving your website’s visual attractiveness. It has features designed specifically for the pet care sector, making it possible to organize services, appointments, and customer communications with ease.

[Get Theme]

Create your pet website:

You’ve finished purchasing the domain and web hosting! It’s time to start designing your pet-related internet shop. I wouldn’t advise you to create the online pet store yourself if you are a layperson. To obtain skilled outcomes, I would advise you to engage a web designer with experience instead.

However, before choosing a web designer, do your research and don’t just pick someone off the street. Request the web designers’ portfolios so you may review their prior creations. This will make it easier for you to find the right web designer.

If you want a comprehensive understanding of online pet stores, don’t be afraid to look at the designs of your rivals’ websites. Keep your website simple, eye-catching, and intuitive to use. Make sure your website is engaging, dynamic, and educational to truly impact people.

How to Use ShopEngine to Design Your Pet Supplies Store:

If you use WooCommerce, you may build your pet business thoroughly and effectively by using the premium WooCommerce plugin “ShopEngine.”

Shop Engine

I’ll only briefly outline the ShopEngine shop page design process for an online pet supply company in this article. Now, let’s examine the procedure:

Install Elementor and WooCommerce together:

ShopEngine is an Elementor WooCommerce builder. Therefore, to use ShopEngine, you must install the Elementor and WooCommerce plugins.

WP Dashboard

Install ShopEngine:

Proceed to install the free version of ShopEngine after finishing the installations of WooCommerce and Elementor. You may also install ShopEngine Pro to make use of ShopEngine’s more sophisticated capabilities.

Include products on your shop page:

Navigate to Products on the dashboard now. After that, select “Add New” to start adding the goods from your shop page to your WooCommerce pet supply store.

Open the Elementor window and select the Design Shop Page Template:

To construct your shop page, browse to ShopEngine and select “Builder Template.” Ensure that the template type is “Shop” and that the template name is set.

Select a custom template design and activate the “Set Default” option. After saving your changes, open the Elementor window by clicking the “Edit with Elementor” option.

Create your Shop Page:

The moment has come to create the webpage for your pet supply business. The required widgets may be dropped and dragged from the left widget area. To construct the basic layout of the pet supplies shop page, I will just be adding the “Archive Title” and “Product List” widgets during this phase.

Preview and Publish the Page:

Lastly, use the front end to preview the shop page. Publish the page to your WooCommerce website if all appears well.

This is how to quickly and simply design a checkout page, product page, price page, etc. for your online pet supply business using ShopEngine. At last, your virtual pet supply shop will be operational!

Create a Mobile App for Your Pet Store:

If you’re a wise enough person, you won’t only depend on your pet website. Make a mobile app for your pet’s internet business to increase your reach instead. A sizable portion of internet users utilize mobile devices.

There must be a sizable portion of these users that adore animals. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to pass up on these possible customers.

You may capture the interest of potential customers who don’t frequently visit websites by developing a native app for your pet-related online store. Similar to website design, unless you are an expert yourself, you should employ a mobile app developer.

Set up Online Payment Processing:

Since your business will be conducted online, you must put in place a mechanism that will allow you to get paid for the pet goods you sell. You may use a variety of payment services to enable your clients to make payments. PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, and Skrill are a few of them.

Launch your marketing initiatives:

Your online pet store is now operational! Is this the end, though? Of course not! You may have made an amazing online pet business filled with excellent pet supplies. Nevertheless, it won’t have any beneficial effects if you don’t adequately sell your stuff. Therefore, as soon as you launch your pet internet store, start working on your marketing strategy.

You have a lot of options for trying to market your pet supplies. Employ qualified content creators to produce pet-related blog pieces regularly. Create enticing photos, infographics, and short films to advertise your pet supplies on social media.

Additionally, allocate a certain amount of money each month to run sponsored advertisements for your company’s goods on Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords, and other websites. To promote your pet supplies, you may also broadcast live videos on websites like Facebook and YouTube.


There are a ton of commercial goods available to launch a business with. However, a deep love for animals, especially domesticated ones, inspired the decision to open an online pet supply business. Like any other commodity, starting an online business requires meeting some fundamental conditions.

But when you dive in, you’ll find that creating an online pet store requires careful consideration of the items for pets. To grasp the state of the industry, thorough research must be done both offline and online. To build a unique pet internet business, you need to apply creative thinking in addition to data-driven analysis.

In conclusion, I advise starting a modest online pet supply business as a low-risk strategy, which you may then progressively expand into a larger one. After you achieve a standard level, you might aim to build yourself as a well-known pet brand on a worldwide scale! Additionally, remember to utilize ShopEnginethe finest WooCommerce builder!

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