What Are Categories In WordPress what are categories in wordpress What Are Categories In WordPress? categories in WordPress 1

What Are Categories In WordPress?

In this blog, we will provide you with recommendations on the most effective approach to creating categories in WordPress.

WordPress organizes material into categories by using taxonomies (a collection of components). Your WordPress website’s content pages might be considered a collection of related pieces.

In a similar way to how people search for comparable subjects in WordPress, users browse via categories to locate related topics.

WordPress allows you to classify your content, which makes it easier for users to locate comparable topics. The categories may be readily expressed in the following way: Germany and Sweden are considered to be members of the European Union.

Europe would be the appropriate group in this scenario. There is a hierarchy of categories, and there are also subcategories inside each of the categories.

It is possible to categorize your articles in WordPress, which not only helps you manage your WordPress blog, but it also helps the reader locate other posts that are similar to the one that they are presently reading.

What Are WordPress Categories For?

WordPress what are categories in wordpress What Are Categories In WordPress? WordPress 1

These categories are a useful tool for organizing your site.

You should create WordPress categories depending on what you expect to write on your website. If you think your categories have too many articles, you can create child categories or subcategories, which are categories within another category.

Germany, in the example above, might be a subcategory including all of your articles on German cities. Europe remains the main category, with Germany as a subsection including all entries about German towns.

This method of creating categories in WordPress aids your users and Google in comprehending your website’s hierarchical structure.

Furthermore, categories are a terrific method for users to identify comparable subjects that interest them without having to spend a long time searching your website.

How To Create Categories In WordPress?

categories in WordPress what are categories in wordpress What Are Categories In WordPress? categories in WordPress

Below we share some tips and tricks on how to create categories on a website in the best possible way.

Have Few Categories

When using WordPress, be cautious not to create too many categories. A reasonable beginning point is between three and five categories.

The most crucial thing, though, is to assess your circumstances. Do you have a regular website or an e-commerce site? An online shop may need more categories than a conventional website to promote its items.

Tip: Make sure you add WordPress categories to your website’s main menu by going to your WordPress dashboard, selecting articles, and then clicking on categories.

Take Into Account The Size Of Your Categories In WordPress

Make certain that all of your categories are the same size. Do not, for example, have a category with 20 blog articles and another with just two.

Your readers will not find this appealing. A better alternative is to split the most article-heavy category into two or three sections.

Choose The Appropriate Category Name

People may reach your website by searching for one of your categories. As a result, it’s critical to name the categories after popular search phrases.

For example, if you own online clothing business, one of the categories may be labeled “womens wear,” since “women’s wear” is likely to be a popular search phrase.

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