What Is A Slug In WordPress what is a slug in wordpress What Is A Slug In WordPress? WordPress

What Is A Slug In WordPress?

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss what is a slug in WordPress. So keep reading.

Slugs are crucial in website design, particularly when it comes to situating the platform on Google. This may seem to be a minor consideration at first, but it is a detail that becomes critical if it is not considered from the start.

And it is that, if this instrument is not effectively handled, the web’s development, particularly in the medium and long term, maybe harmed.

A properly configured slug in WordPress will result in more effective placement as well as a more aesthetically appealing, structured, and logical site structure, all of which will improve the user experience.

But, precisely, what is a slug in WordPress? We’re talking about the text that comes right after the slash (/) in the URL after the domain name. That is, it is a component of the URL that directs you to certain material.

WordPress automatically creates one of these messages depending on your Permalinks by default. On the other hand, a predetermined slug isn’t always the most effective since its search engine optimization level isn’t always appropriate.

What Causes The Slugs To Emerge, And How Can We Get Rid Of Them?

Guest Authors to Your Blog what is a slug in wordpress What Is A Slug In WordPress? Guest Authors to Your Blog

These slugs may be found in various locations on a WordPress site, including posts, categories, tags, user profiles, author addresses, histories, attachments, product categories, and articles themselves, forums and portfolios, plugin extensions, and online shop filters.

Each of these sites’ slugs will be updated in its own unique manner. It would be useful to know them since, in many cases, the treatment provided to the slugs associated with these publications is insufficient — an example would be online shops built using WooCommerce.

We can utilize plugins to remedy the problem (Woocommerce Permalink Manager, Edit Author Slug, Yoast SEO…).

Other Tips To Optimize Slugs For SEO

Optimize Slugs For SEO what is a slug in wordpress What Is A Slug In WordPress? Optimize Slugs For SEO

First Of All, Make It Understandable.

Create your own link structures; the ones provided by WordPress by default are incomprehensible to most people, and they won’t help us improve our website’s speed.

So, first and foremost, enter the settings window to resolve the problem with your website’s permanent links (permalinks).

Simple But Descriptive

A simple and short slug will have better placement options and a stronger capacity to attract users.

Bye-bye articles, conjunctions, prepositions, exclamation or question marks, and forget about linking words; they’re unneeded in slugs. Less is more in this case!


Office Equipment what is a slug in wordpress What Is A Slug In WordPress? Office Equipment

Each new slug will need to be tweaked somewhat to distinguish itself from the previous one. Remove any slugs that are old or haven’t been published yet.

If we make two that are identical, a number 2 will be appended to the URL to distinguish it from the first. Our positioning will suffer as a result of this.


The keywords are one of the most important keys; don’t do the repetition. Many SEO gurus who employ this kind of particular objective phrase in their URLs think this (in some cases, the slug is even the keyword or keywords themselves).

These are the terms that best define your content and will help consumers find what you have to offer.

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