Why WordPress Is Most Popular CMS In The World

Why WordPress Is Most Popular CMS In The World

Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss Why WordPress Is Most Popular CMS In The World. So keep reading.

You’ve probably heard of it. You’ve worked with it numerous times, and everything seems to be more complex when you’re not using it. But what is it about WordPress that makes it the most popular content management system on the planet? What are its statistics in order for us to be completely certain about this subject? In this new article, we’ll go a bit further into the subject.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to build a website or a blog for your business. We can tell you that WordPress is the most popular platform, far outstripping the rest of its rivals. The numbers favour this platform, and it must be acknowledged that they are overwhelmingly large. The website creation process on this CMS is far the easiest as you have many options to choose from (different styles, themes etc.)

Nobody can dispute its popularity. Even more so if we are talking about pages that use a CMS. In reality, content management systems (CMS) are used by more than 60% of WordPress-based websites. This also implies that the development community that surrounds it is growing at an exponential rate.

Have you taken a moment to consider all of the templates or all of the plugins that have been developed and made available for use on this platform?

It makes no difference whether they are free or compensated. The number is nearly deafening in its impact. It is believed that we have more than 30,000 plugins accessible to us, all of which enhance and improve the functionality that WordPress provides us by default, according to WordPress.org. That is without taking into consideration the 12,000 themes that will be available to us during the year.

If WordPress Is The Most Popular CMS, It Will Be For A Reason

Most Popular CMS

Allow your mind to go wild and attempt to get used to the following. WordPress is responsible for creating and publishing more than a million and a half posts every day. Everything is up to date!! According to current estimates, approximately five and a half million comments are created on blogs alone in a single month.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) since it powers more than 76 million websites throughout the globe, accounting for about a quarter of all websites worldwide. Furthermore, if we concentrate on websites that use content management systems (CMS), that figure rises to more than 60%. Do you think it’s clear enough for you?

Did you know, for example, that this platform is used by around 22% of all new domain names registered in the United States? Aside from that, the phrases “WordPress” and “WP” generate over 37 million searches each month on their own.

WordPress has been translated into 51 different languages, demonstrating that it is accessible to everyone. All of this indicates that we are making the correct selection when it comes to developing a website or a blog for the medium or long term.

I hope you liked this article on Why WordPress Is Most Popular CMS In The World. Thanks for reading!.

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