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5 Best WordPress License Manager Plugins In 2024

It’s a well-known fact that managing software Licenses is an important aspect for developers and relevant professionals who are engaged in developing and selling their personalized WordPress products such as themes, plugins, and many more. From a customer perspective, Licenses are essential. After their License expires, they cannot enjoy all the premium features that come with your product. In certain circumstances, they won’t rely on your support, or you will not even be able to use your product. In this case, WordPress License Manager Plugins help you keep track of when your License expires and make sure you give your users timely product updates.

The WordPress software License manager plugins we’ve chosen will assist you in building and managing your licenses, hosting your themes and plugins, and serving them with instant updates and new features. We’ll ensure you select plugins that are efficient, reliable, streamlined, and easy to use.

Let’s dive into learning more about the WordPress License manager plugins:

1. License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager for WooCommerce is a powerful and robust WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that helps users manage and sell their software License keys. The key features include instant delivery, importing bulk products, encrypting database items, and helping your online store run smoothly and efficiently.

License keys can be implemented and imported into your WooCommerce store. Also, you can add one License at a specific time or import them all simultaneously. What you have to do is to upload your TXT or CSV file. The plugin is open-source, and if you like this plugin, please take a moment to rate it on WordPress.org. You can also support the development team via donations. The mere amount of these donations is carried forward for a charitable cause.

2. Software License Manager

Software License Manager is a powerful and robust extension for WooCommerce and WordPress site owners. It’s an open source that provides you with everything you need to create your digital product store and sell multiple licenses, free of all limitations.

Always remember that this plugin was built for developers; if you aren’t aware of the WordPress core or PHP, you may require a developer to help you. Everything is already set up for developers to work effectively; the plugin receives instant updates, and you can request the desired hooks. It’s quite easy to use and manage, making it one of the best open-source License manager plugins globally.

3. Auto PHP Licenser

Auto PHP License is a robust and powerful WordPress plugin that is equipped with an integrated License generator that provides you with automatic activations. It also helps simplify the overall process of adding custom limitations for each license. It simply works with all types of PHP scripts, templates, applications, and plugins.

Using this plugin, you can quickly delete files and databases remotely from the user’s device. It also features an option to lock installations to particular domains or IPs, which is also supported. You can easily validate updates and support contracts and inform your users about the expiry of licenses. The option to set up automatic License verification within a defined timeframe makes managing Licenses simpler and more efficient.

4. Freemius

Freemius is a standalone SaaS platform that helps users manage their WordPress product licensing and more. It is gaining more popularity as it is very user-friendly; it enables you to generate and verify License updates automatically, set instant updates, and obtain feedback on deactivation, which will help you to improve your product features and vice versa.

If you’re doing business with customers, Freemius offers an option to automatize the collection and reporting of the required VAT for your sales, making your life much easier. The analytics feature makes it clearer and more precise, as it helps you create profiles for your potential consumers to get multiple insights on increasing your revenue. Also, a full-fledged cart abandonment system has been added.

5. Elite Licenser – WordPress Software License Manager

Elite Licenser is an all-inclusive digital product licensing plugin that helps you to manage and regularise the use of the digital products you have to deal with accordingly. As a unique WordPress License manager plugin with a lot of features, it comes with a lot of different tools.

It helps you meet your need to control and regularise the usage of your online products in a proactive manner, along with the capabilities that include managing the product updates, automatic generation of License codes after downloads, and many more.


Indeed, the WordPress License manages plugins that make developers’ lives easier and more comfortable. They can handle, activate, and manage all sorts of product Licenses via a single piece of software. Having a software License key and the product being sold can simplify everything when it’s the right time to facilitate recurring payments or renewals of licenses. Your customers will also receive instant customer support and software licensing updates. Hence, the above-mentioned WordPress License manager plugins are convenient and well-suited for businesses and their potential customers. They also help companies monitor and manage each License sold, and the customers can easily deactivate, delete, or recover the License keys they’ve purchased.

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