WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? WordPress vs GoDaddy

WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website?

Are you dealing with demanding situations in defining the variations between WordPress vs GoDaddy Website Builder for designing your website?

GoDaddy and WordPress are two giants of the Internet, that provide services for the advent of a web website. Even yet, there are some subtle differences between these “matters,” notwithstanding their significant overlap:

  • You can create an internet site with free and open-source software while you decide to host your very own internet site with the use of WordPress.
  • GoDaddy is a hosting carrier that still offers website design carriers that are quite equal to others such as WordPress hosting, and GoDaddy Website Builder like Squarespace & Wix.

My intention is for you to understand two things after this comparison:

  1. You’ll be able to distinguish easily between WordPress and GoDaddy. Where they diverge and overlap will be apparent to you.
  2. You are going to discover where building your own website is ideal. As I said before, the combination of WordPress with a web host designated for WordPress seems to be the best solution for most people and I will try to present both the benefits and drawbacks as I consider this topic so that one can make an informed decision about personal needs.

WordPress vs GoDaddy Website Builder

Let’s start by understanding WordPress and GoDaddy to identify the key points.

Since my knowledge of WordPress will be helpful when I discuss GoDaddy, I’ll start there.


wordpress-homepage  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? wordpress homepage

With WordPress as the operating software and your own web hosting, it is possible to use this open-source program to develop a website. Just in case you were not in the know, web hosting is synonymous with the “computer” that brings any particular website to life.

If you have the physical control of a web hosting account, then you can host the software required to function like a computer.

This means that WordPress is a content management system, accurately defined as the software used for creating and managing websites. In other words, it emancipates you from the imposition of coding protocols that help to regulate the content and the layout of your website through a user-friendly console.

To put it another way, it enables you to make a website even if you lack technical expertise.

You can use an easy-to-use editor like this one to manage your content:

wordpress-editor  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? wordpress editor

WordPress will next take care of using your selected theme to show it on the front of your website.

You may customize your website with thousands of pre-made themes and add additional features by installing plugins. In the unlikely event that a pre-made extension is unavailable, you may always alter the core code of your website yourself or hire a developer to do it for you.

WordPress.org is the home of the open-source WordPress program. But there’s also WordPress.com, a stand-alone service from one of the open-source WordPress project co-founders.

A for-profit company called WordPress.com offers a single method for creating a website with the open-source WordPress.org program. However, since our focus is limited to the software used in building WordPress sites, we shall now turn our attention to what we shall term WordPress. org.

And this is the reason why you are not alone if you do not understand the difference between WordPress. com and WordPress. org.

Sorry, it’s superfluously complicated!


GoDaddy Homepage  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? GoDaddy Homepage

GoDaddy presently works as a monolithic conglomerate that offers versatile services related to website building.

First of all, GoDaddy started as a company serving as a domain registration service, which specifically means that GoDaddy offers a service through which users who wish to have their own domains can have them. Even though it does not have any considerable relevance to the GoDaddy versus WordPress debate, I still thought it worthy to be mentioned since it is an important service that GoDaddy provides to its users.

GoDaddy is a website host, to start with. Once more, this indicates that it supplies the underlying hardware needed to run websites. If you wish to create your own website, you may host the files for it on your hosting after paying GoDaddy for hosting. You can really install WordPress on your GoDaddy hosting as part of that.

One reason that might make it somewhat difficult to compare GoDaddy and WordPress is that the two do not compete: we have seen that GoDaddy offers hosting services, while WordPress runs on hosting services such as those provided by GoDaddy.

That means if you indeed want to manage your own WordPress website, it is not a difficult thing to do when you are using a GoDaddy web hosting service.

That, however, is not always true because GoDaddy may help you with yet another third issue. Moreover, GoDaddy also offers website builder as GoDaddy Website Builder to its customers and users.

In a nutshell, this offers an alternate way of constructing a website that doesn’t have to involve the incorporation of WordPress.

GoDaddy Website Builder is a one-stop which means that you do not need any software for hosting and the common website builders like WordPress and so on, and no need for you to worry about the underlying software which includes issues like security, updates, and maintenance.

In other words, it provides a still more simplistic technique of building a webpage such as other platforms of Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix.

One advantage is that it can be very easy to sign up for an account and start using the application or website. Tediously, the GoDaddy website builder is quite limiting compared to WordPress, which is a downside.

But let me remind myself that I am still getting ahead of the game because I am going to compare them as a whole section in this paper.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress and GoDaddy

Moving forward, let me explain how one can create a website using WordPress in cooperation with GoDaddy. As I said earlier, this is a short list, but I thought I should elaborate and give you the whole picture in case you haven’t considered all your options.


Two various methods can be used in the task of building a website using WordPress.

Self-hosting the WordPress program on its own Web hosting is the first and the most recommended method of the two. This one is also known as self-hosted WordPress, or WordPress.org, and simply WordPress. org (as you know, the actual WordPress platform comes from WordPress. org and you can download the open-source software known as WordPress.

Twenty percent of all web pages are built using WordPress, and more than three-quarters of the sites running on this platform are hosted independently.

This is how it functions:

  1. Invest in web hosting: GoDaddy is one choice, but there are many more excellent WordPress hosting companies as well.
  2. Install the WordPress software: This proves to be easier than it sounds, and many hosts will generally have distinct instruments through which you can do this in a matter of a few clicks.
  3. Set up your website: WordPress comes with a vivid graphic user interface that can be used to ухandle users, post content, change settings, add new functionalities and even change its look. Using the WordPress.

The second approach is the com service which is as follows. Once more, WordPress. Com is one of the methods that can be used in building WordPress websites to minimize the complications that arise while minimizing the flexibility level.

Well, to build a WordPress site, one only has to sign up for a WordPress account, it’s this simple! com. Essentially, it releases you from the obligation of having to purchase and choose your own Web hosting.


With GoDaddy, there are two primary methods to create a website:

  1. Get a hosting account and set up WordPress. Additionally, GoDaddy provides WordPress hosting options with WordPress already installed.
  2. Make use of the GoDaddy Website Builder instead of WordPress.


Depending on your demands, GoDaddy provides many services if you wish to host the WordPress software on their web hosting platform:

  • Generic Web Hosting: The least expensive choice is generic web hosting, but it lacks several capabilities unique to WordPress. starting at $8.99 a month.
  • WordPress Web Hosting: Special web hosting for WordPress websites is known as WordPress hosting. Beginning at $9.99 per month.
  • WooCommerce Web Hosting: Hosting is mainly designed for WordPress eCommerce stores that use the WooCommerce plugin is referred to as WooCommerce web hosting. For as low as $24.99 a month.

Installing WordPress on GoDaddy offers the same fundamental functionality as on any other host.

Using the Godaddy website builder: An overview

Using the GoDaddy Website Builder is the second “main” way to create a website with GoDaddy. You may create an account and begin developing your website immediately with a website builder; you don’t need to install any software or fiddle with hosting.

When you initially launch, creating your website will need you to go through a short setup wizard:

godaddy-website-builder-setup-wizard  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? godaddy website builder setup wizard

After that, GoDaddy will build your website using the information you provide, including selecting a starter template. After that, you may alter or add content, modify the design, and do much more with the interface:

In the following part, I’ll go over the differences between using WordPress and GoDaddy Website Builder.

GoDaddy Website Builder is available for free trial. But, to activate your website, you will have to pay.

 WordPress vs GoDaddy Website Builder

Examining the differences between WordPress and GoDaddy Website Builder is the next crucial comparison to make.

It could make sense to apply GoDaddy over WordPress if the GoDaddy Website Builder is better, wouldn’t it?

Spoiler alert: I do not trust that to be the case. That is to mention, I believe that for most people, WordPress is a higher opportunity than GoDaddy Website Builder. Furthermore, I believe that there are alternatives to GoDaddy Website Builder, even in cases where you would prefer one to WordPress.

Now that we know that, let us examine their similarities. The fundamental setup is been covered in the last part, so I won’t go into it again.


You have a variety of themes to select from when using GoDaddy Website Builder to customize the premium appearance of your website. But as of right now, as I’m writing this, you have a lot fewer alternatives than WordPress—about 24.

From there, you may alter each page’s “look” by using the GoDaddy Website Builder. The editor uses a section-based approach, allowing you to select and customize prebuilt layouts like Lego pieces to build a page.

While you can change fonts, colors, and content, you cannot rearrange design components. In contrast, WordPress themes offer extensive control over your site’s appearance, with hundreds of themes available that provide significant variation.

wordpress-themes  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? wordpress themes 1

Additionally, there are a ton of code-free customization possibilities included with every theme.

You may also install a page builder plugin to have access to a visual drag-and-drop editing interface if you’d like more control. Several well-liked choices include Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, and many more.

Elementor offers a much more powerful visual design experience compared to GoDaddy Website Builder. While GoDaddy lets you choose high-level layouts, Elementor allows you to work with specific content pieces.

In general, WordPress offers far greater customization options for your website design than GoDaddy Website Builder.


GoDaddy Website Builder provides you with a separate text editor for adding blog entries. Text may be added simply by typing, and photos or videos can be added by clicking the plus sign.

But that’s about the only thing you can do. The ability to add buttons, formatting, and other features is absent. As you’ll see in a moment, the WordPress editor is far more capable:

godaddy-website-builder-text-editor  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? godaddy website builder text editor

Using the WordPress editor is the standard method for adding material to WordPress. The editor employs a basic block-based methodology.

You may just click and write to add content, just as you would in Word. With a few clicks, you may add a block containing media material, such as pictures or movies.

Blocks may be easily used to put up basic formatting, including separators, quotations, spacing, and multi-column layouts.

wordpress-editor  WordPress vs GoDaddy: Which is a better way to create a website? wordpress editor 1

Including features

Both WordPress and GoDaddy Website Builder come with every essential element pre-installed for a website’s fundamental operation. But, you could wish to add additional features than what you initially get if you have certain demands.

WordPress allows custom plugins, while GoDaddy Website Builder limits you to built-in functions.

It’s not like you get nothing with GoDaddy Website Builder; in fact, it comes with some very great features built in. A few features include live chat, email marketing tools, social media integrations, appointment scheduling, eCommerce, and more. Users can also be offered the opportunity to create accounts to establish a membership website.

Yet, WordPress’s collection of more than 60,000 plugins makes it simply stronger in this situation.

This isn’t a special shortcoming of GoDaddy Website Builder because WordPress is more versatile than any website builder.

In essence, WordPress powers over 43% of all websites since it is the most versatile platform available for non-technical individuals to develop websites.


WordPress and GoDaddy Website Builder both have eCommerce features to assist you in setting up an online store.

eCommerce feature is included in GoDaddy Website Builder (if you are using the top-tier subscription).

Installing the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress allows you to add eCommerce features. Data shows that WooCommerce is the most widely used platform for creating eCommerce stores, offering all essential features. Additionally, WooCommerce allows greater customization options through plugins, surpassing the capabilities of GoDaddy Website Builder.

WordPress hosted elsewhere vs WordPress hosted on GoDaddy

The second dilemma is whether to host your WordPress website on GoDaddy or another provider.

I don’t think there’s much room for disagreement here:

Several WordPress hosting provide similar or even lower costs for items of a higher caliber than GoDaddy. I would strongly advise going with one of these choices if you want to create a WordPress website instead.

For a fantastic place to start if you’re on a tight budget, go through our selection of the finest affordable WordPress hosting. GreenGeeks is my particular suggestion these days, but the piece includes a ton of other excellent possibilities as well.

Additionally, GoDaddy provides managed WordPress hosting, a more expensive WordPress hosting option. Although this kind of hosting is more expensive, it often provides better support, more features, and faster speed. Browse our list of the top managed WordPress hosting companies if you’re ready to spend extra for this kind of concierge service. My personal suggestions are Flywheel, WP Engine, and Kinsta (see our reviews).

Alternatively, as I said above, you may utilize the WordPress.com eCommerce or Business plans. Again, because you can still install your own themes and plugins, these plans give you the majority of the advantages of self-hosting WordPress on your own hosting account.

For those seeking a more straightforward and uncomplicated WordPress experience, the WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plans are excellent choices if you’re ready to spend a little bit extra.


You can create a website with WordPress on your own server, and GoDaddy offers various website development options.
It offers web hosting that you can buy and use to run the WordPress program. Alternatively, you may create a website with the GoDaddy Website Builder without having to install or buy your own software.

This implies that GoDaddy and WordPress are not inherently dissimilar entities.

Actually, GoDaddy offers to host that you can buy and install WordPress on. GoDaddy even has options for dedicated WordPress hosting.

Consider better WordPress hosting options before choosing GoDaddy.For more fantastic possibilities, check out our lists of the top-managed WordPress hosting and the most affordable WordPress hosting.

To be honest, I still wouldn’t suggest GoDaddy Website Builder if you’d rather use a website builder instead of WordPress. There are better website builders out there, such as Webflow for web designers, Shopify for eCommerce companies, Wix for more general-purpose sites and Squarespace for creatives.

If you feel like WordPress isn’t the best option for your needs, I think you should start your search there since I would put all of those website builders higher than GoDaddy Website Builder.

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