Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Best WordPress LMS Plugins In 2024?

Are you looking for the best WordPress LMS plugins for your Website?

The LMS plugin helps users to easily transform your WordPress site into a digital learning platform such as Coursera or Udemy, which functions exactly without writing a single piece of code. These plugins help you to create, manage, and sell online courses directly from your dashboard. Hence, in this article, we have compared the best WordPress LMS plugins available in the marketplace. Before starting, let’s have a look at the LMS platform and what to look for in an LMS plugin.

How To Choose The Best WordPress LMS Plugin?

There are several WordPress or WooCommerce-enabled LMS plugins available in the marketplace. Each of them has its own specialized features that make it more suitable than the others depending on your needs and preferences. So, if you want to choose a WordPress LMS plugin, you need to consider the following facts and figures:

  • How would you use the courses as an integral part of your business?
  • What types of courses are you going to provide?
  • How would you manage or distribute lessons and courses?
  • How does a plugin have all the relevant features required to meet your particular use-cases?

Now, let’s dive into discussing the Best WordPress Tutor LMS plugins in 2024:

1. Evidently


Edivently LMS is a simple and robust LMS plugin that transforms your WordPress site into an online academy. It is classified as simple and intuitive features that make it preferable for you to design and impart your digital courses.

Regardless of the subject area you’ve chosen as an instructor, you will have to ensure higher student engagement. At the same time, it seems like quite an efficient and reliable system that helps you generate a wide range of residual income streams.

2. myCred LearnDash

myCred LearnDash

myCred LearnDash is a seamless and powerful WordPress points management plugin that allows users to build points based on the LearnDash plugin. This plugin assists users in receiving overall points when their courses, lessons, topics, or quizzes are completed. Also, it allows the user to create courses using the learnDash plugin. And It allows this addon to conduct all the remaining activities.

Also, the user can easily manage the user logs and point balances via a single dashboard. The myCred LearnDash plugin instantly awards the points to your potential user; which enables the myCred’s available hooks to award their customers with the required points whenever they tend to complete a specific purpose or objective.

3. WP Courseware

WP Courseware is considered one of the best WordPress LMS plugins that offer the most convenient and reliable pricing package; which is less complicated than the other options in the competition. In particular, you can also receive multiple bonuses on the dual-site enabled license that is used for the less expensive package. Furthermore, the on-page demo is considered the closest option that will help you to receive a free trial package; although it is designed and filled with the actual content of the course to get a complete flow of your creative design.

It provides users with a wide range of features, and it starts with a drag-and-drop builder. Furthermore, you can easily create specific courses and even protect such courses from theft. Additionally, WP Courseware’s standout components comprise a wide range of integrations that help you to easily choose those that support WooCommerce and the WordPress platforms with a versatile number of relevant options that include Visual Composer, OptimizePress, and BuddyPress.

4. MemberPress: Best WordPress LMS Plugin

MemberPress is an online membership tool that enables you to simply create an online course. It also assists you in using MemberPress to protect your course materials and resources; which has the ability to provide the users an identical environment to interact with each other, download the required information, and avail multiple updates.

If you use MemberPress, you can simply receive multiple WordPress LMS plugins that provide flexibility to set up and manage any sort of work with any type of theme. MemberPress can easily handle all of the necessary functionalities, such as registering users to restrict access to the website’s content.

5. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is a seamless and powerful WordPress LMS plugin that is completely integrated with a wide range of helpful features. It seems to be quite simple and easy to set up, along with the presently available WordPress websites and offers the user a simple and intuitive way to create engaging online courses. It is compatible with a default drag and drop course builder and constitutes the capacity that helps you to create courses to be completed with audio, image, video, and text-based courses.

By using the LifterLMS, the user can simply create homework assignments for the students to complete; adjust timers on quizzes to test their multiple knowledge, and provide all the downloadable resources for offline learning methods. It also helps the user to even assign them to multiple instructors for various specified courses; which allows students to get interaction with multiple professionals via forums, lesson comments, timelines, and also the private coaching areas.

Wrapping Up: Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Certainly, it’s a prevalent fact that choosing a WordPress-enabled LMS plugin can be a difficult task; but it helps you to avail a variety of ways to create, manage, and sell your digital courses. Hence, the aforementioned plugins will provide you with a variety of options to develop and sell multiple online courses that will help you boost your brand identity to the next level.

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