3. Accordion Settings

  1. You can select different design templates for your accordion by clicking on the Select Other Slider Design button. There is a 20 + template for your Accordion design.

  1. Click on the Select Template button on your selected design template.
  2. Then click on the Set Slider Template button.

  1. In General Settings of Accordion, you can set/change Autoplay Settings, Shadow Settings, Lightbox, Keyboard Scroll Navigation, Mouse Delay, Accordion Start From etc.

  1. In Captions Settings of Accordion, you can change the setting regarding Title, Description, and Discover More Button.

  1. In Image Border Settings of Accordion, you can set/change Image Border Settings.

  1. In Navigation Settings of Accordion, you can set/change Navigation Button Settings like Display Navigation, Border Width, Border Color, Button Size, Button Border Radius, Navigation Color, Button Position, etc.

8. From the Shortcode / PHP Code Tab of Accordion Settings, You can use Shortcode / PHP Code to display your Accordion on the front end.


9. You can also use Custom CSS for your own design layout.


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