Photo Gallery Builder Documentation

After activating Photo Gallery Builder, you will find a Photo Gallery section inside your WP Dashboard menu items. Go to Photo Gallery > Add New Photos to create a gallery for your photo gallery. To create a Gallery, check the screenshot below and follow these points:


  1. You can upload photos to click on the Upload Image file button and select many images for your Photo Gallery.
  2. You can add Title, Description, and link for your photo gallery.


Gallery Settings:-

  1. You can select different Template for every Photo Gallery There is 6 template for your Photo Gallery design and Publish.


  1. You can select Gallery type grid or masonry photo gallery.
  2. You can select a column layout for your photo gallery.
  3. You can give a
  4. margin between columns.

You can enable and disable your photo gallery


  1. You can change Title, Captions  and content color.
  2. You can change their font size.
  3. you can hide and show the title and description.

  1. You can use plugin shortcode to show your Photo Gallery on website pages. Just copy the shortcode and paste it on the page.

  1. You can use Custom CSS if you want extra design then you write your CSS code here.



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