6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024

April 19, 2024
Free Cache WordPress Plugins 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 W3 Total Cache

When we talk about site speed on WP, even Google emphasized that the significance of website load time cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to SERP rankings. As such, selecting the appropriate free cache WordPress plugins is imperative for WordPress-based websites. Thus, selecting the appropriate free cache WordPress plugin is a must. In this collection, we focused on multiple aspects during the testing process, including ease of use, caching options, and pricing. So, try them hassle-free.

List Of Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins

1. LiteSpeed Cache
2. W3 Total Cache
3. WP Super Cache
4. WP Fastest Cache
5. Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin
6. Redis Object Cache

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1. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 1

LiteSpeed Cache is a versatile tool that enhances website acceleration by providing various optimization options and server-level caching. This cache plugin is compatible with multisite networks and third-party plugins, including ClassicPress, and has many optimization features such as Image Optimization, Minify CSS &JavaScript, DNS Prefetch, Cloudflare API, Database Optimizer, Lazy-loading of iframes, Deferment of JS loading, Asynchronous CSS loading, Automatic generation of Critical CSS, and more. Also, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin features a free QUIC.cloud CDN Cache and OPcode Cache Support, Cloudflare API, and Heartbeat control. You will also get Import and Export settings in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. Note that its exclusive features require LiteSpeed-powered hosting or QUIC.cloud CDN. It is a user-friendly and visually appealing cache optimization tool that can be employed without coding.


2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache leverages features like CDN integration and the SEO best practices to boost site performance and reduce load times by enhancing your site SEO, Core Web Vitals, etc. It is a web host agnostic WPO framework for optimizing WP sites. This plugin gives you compatibility with shared hosting, virtual private servers, or dedicated server clusters. Furthermore, the W3 Total Cache plugin gives you transparent CDN management with Media Library and theme files. It also supports SSL security, Minify CSS, Non-blocking JS embedding, Reverse proxy integration through Nginx or Varnish, JS grouping, and more. The plugin performs caching of pages and posts, CSS, JS, feeds, databases, objects, etc., in memory or on disk. Besides this, the plugin lets you import post attachments into the media files.


3. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 WP Super Cache

This plugin provides a solution for generating static HTML files from WP blogs with dynamic content. These generated HTML files are lighter and less resource-intensive than WP PHP scripts. When a file is generated, it is served by the web server, and if visitors are logged in or have left comments, their details are displayed and cached for them. Also, you can employ the add_cacheaction() function to improve the caching process and customize it. Its preloading enables cached files for posts, categories, and tags, resulting in faster loading times for site visitors. Furthermore, it takes up space on the server as the cache directory fills up over time, which can be a concern if space is limited or charged by capacity. To address this issue, the plugin performs garbage collection regularly to delete outdated files in the cache directory.


4. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 WP Fastest Cache

The WP Fastest Cache plugin is a powerful cache solution to speed up your WP sites. With this plugin, you can enhance Pingdom score, Google Page Speed, Web Core Vitals, GTmetrix, etc. The plugin has SSL support and uses Mod_Rewrite for faster and more secure performance. Furthermore, the plugin deletes all cache files after the post is published and lets you remove all cached files, minified CSS, and js from the options page. You will also get the option to block cache for specific a page or post using a Shortcode. Besides this, WP Fastest Cache has an Enable and Disable cache option for mobiles and logged-in users. The plugin also has support for CDN, Cloudflare, Preload Cache, Proxy Cache, WP-CLI cache clearing, and more.


5. Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 Breeze     WordPress Cache Plugin

Breeze, a WordPress Caching Plugin, has been developed by the Cloudways team to provide a free, easy yet powerful solution for optimizing site performance. It includes many options to optimize performance at different levels and is equally effective for WooCommerce and WP Multisite networks. Furthermore, the Breeze plugin offers seamless integration with Varnish Cache to efficiently deliver content without the need for manual adjustments. All settings come pre-configured for convenience. Breeze’s Database Options feature helps to optimize and declutter your database, removing unnecessary data such as post revisions and trashed content, thereby boosting performance. Load JS files with deferred loading, which enhances overall performance. Also, Breeze’s advanced preloading features supercharge your site’s speed. Its Heartbeat API management allows for fine-tuning of notifications, Sales data, Autosaves, and more to optimize site performance.


6. Redis Object Cache

Redis Object Cache 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 6 Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins In 2024 Redis Object Cache

The last cache plugin on our list of Best Free Cache WordPress Plugins is Redis Object Cache. It is a feature-packed, responsive cache plugin that supports Predis, PhpRedis, Clustering, WP-CLI, Relay, Replication, and more. The plugin gives you a relentless object cache backend that is fueled by Redis. Furthermore, the Redis Object Cache plugin contains many configuration options for modifying the connection parameters, prefix cache keys, replication, clustering, etc. The plugin gives you various examples to help you adjust these parameters. So, even if you are a beginner or have very little coding expertise, do not worry the Redis Object Cache plugin got you covered.


A caching plugin renders a static HTML version of a webpage to enable faster delivery to future visitors. Typically, a webpage request requires extensive server-side processing involving PHP execution, database retrieval, and other resource-intensive operations. However, a caching plugin eliminates the need for redundant data transfers and can significantly improve webpage loading speed. Also, implementing these free cache WordPress plugins will enhance website performance, reduce webpage loading time, and improve the overall user experience.

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