6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024

April 11, 2024
Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 Best Free Meta Facebook WordPress Plugins

The relevance of Facebook/Meta for businesses cannot be overstated. As you may already know, to reach a wider audience, it is crucial to have a solid online presence, and Facebook can provide a platform to accomplish just that. You can employ the best paid or free WordPress Facebook plugins to optimize your business’s presence on Facebook. These plugins enable you to connect with your audience and promote your business or product through text, images, and videos.

Choosing from the variety of Facebook WordPress Plugins in this collection can help you display all Facbook-related elements on your website, thus enhancing your business’s online presence. Also, you can boost your credibility on social channels by using Facebook reviews. So, take a look at these Facebook plugins for your site.

List Of Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins

1. Facebook for WooCommerce
2. Meta pixel for WordPress
3. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed
4. Facebook Chat Plugin
5. 10Web Social Post Feed
6. BestWebSoft’s Like & Share

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1. Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 Facebook for WooCommerce

The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful tool that lets you connect your WooCommerce site to your Facebook account. It lets you add the Facebook (Meta) pixel to your site, then you can upload a store catalog for running dynamic ads easily. This Facebook pixel will help you maximize your campaign performance and build your audience to optimize your ads for users likely to purchase your products. Furthermore, the plugin automatically creates carousel ads after connecting your product catalog, displays the products you market, and draws more customers to your online store. Besides this, the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin also lets you display dynamic ads after setting up the Facebook pixel to reach customers and help you generate sales among your site visitors when they are on FB with Ads for the products they saw on your site.


2. Meta pixel for WordPress

Meta pixel for WordPress 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 Meta pixel for WordPress

This plugin also lets you add Facebook (Meta) Pixel on your webpage, which enables you to monitor users’ interactions with your page, including actions such as Lead, View Content, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, and Purchase events. Also, the Meta pixel for WordPress plugin supports the Conversions API, and you can track user actions after they have viewed your advertisements on FB and IG by deploying this feature. This way, it allows you to optimize your retargeting efforts. Moreover, when used in conjunction with the Pixel, the Conversions API forms a more reliable connection, which can lower your promotion costs. The Conversions API’s primary function is to establish a direct conduit between your marketing data and the Meta systems, which optimizes ad targeting, reduces cost per action, and provides metrics across the Meta technologies.


3. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

You can use the Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin to display text and links from Facebook posts on your WP site. It lets you show limitless customizable, search engine-ready and GDPR-compliant FB feeds from your Facebook page that synchronize with your site theme. You will also get customization options and it automatically powers any FB 0Embeds on your site and prevents them from breaking. Furthermore, the Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin is Elementor and Divi Ready so you will get built-in custom Facebook feed Elementor and Divi blocks for easy page building. It also includes an official Facebook Like Box widget and Visual Header with your FB page or cover image, profile image, bio, and no. of likes.


4. Facebook Chat Plugin

Facebook Chat Plugin for WordPress 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 Facebook Chat Plugin

The Facebook Chat Plugin is an efficient tool for businesses to communicate with site visitors through Messenger-powered chat. It is a chat widget managed by the Meta Business. Through the Messenger chat bubble, visitors can contact businesses at any time, regardless of whether they are using a desktop or mobile phone. Some of the key features of this Facebook plugin include the option to set up auto responses and replies to FAQs to assist visitors in the absence of staff, and the ability to continue the conversation with them on Messenger even after they have left the site. Furthermore, visitors without an FB account can ask questions in Guest mode, and the familiar interface of Messenger helps build trust among visitors.


5. 10Web Social Post Feed

10Web Social Post Feed 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 10Web Social Post Feed

It is another powerful tool to show custom customized Meta feeds on your site. This plugin gives you options to show a wide range of content from any page and you can set the length, type, and styling of that content. Furthermore, the plugin lets you display a full timeline of the feed with all its content, or just a specific part of that content including photos, videos, links, etc. Also, each content type has setting options and display views. It also has a powerful lightbox that supports filmstrip display and fifteen transition effects. You can set up Lightbox and comments settings and display the feed photos in a pop-up window. Besides this, 10Web Social Feed lets you select posts’ user roles, the number of posts shown on the page, allow social sharing buttons, and many more.


6. BestWebSoft’s Like & Share

BestWebSoft's Like & Share 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 6 Best Free Meta (Facebook) WordPress Plugins in 2024 BestWebSofts Like Share

As its name implies, this plugin lets you add Follow, Like, and Share buttons to posts, pages, or widgets of your WP site, allowing you to get feedback from your visitors and customer validation for your brand. Furthermore, the plugin gives you various advanced features and options for customizing its appearance and getting more social traffic to your site. These advanced features include Сhange Facebook App ID, Changing the color scheme for Share buttons, layouts for buttons, buttons position, Disable Meta Tags, Multilanguage support, RTL ready, and more. Furthermore, the BestWebSoft’s Like & Share plugin lets you use a custom or standard Follow button image to suit your taste. It also has detailed step-by-step documentation and videos for easy plugin setup and use.


Business on Meta enables you to find new customers, improve sales for your online site, and make lasting connections with your followers, clients, or visitors. With these free Meta (Facebook) WordPress plugins, reaching the people who matter most to your business is simple. These plugins will track the results of your advertising across all Facebook accounts and devices. Doing so will help you effectively promote and advertise your company, ensuring that you attract the attention of your target audience.

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