How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

In this article, How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress we show this is the thing you’ve been dreaming of for years, thanks to which it’s now a reality. We are aware that preparations for the wedding are well on, but to make it truly memorable, there is one crucial item you must not overlook: here, the user can list it on the website. Using a site to post information to your guests can make your wedding website an outstanding way for all of them to be aware of all the nitty-gritty of your big day.

Besides, it is the best time to get engaged by uploading pictures or experiences and sharing the moment in and after the session. What could possibly be more awe-inspiring than this to memorialize your wedding?

The absence of any prior coding experience should not limit you from following this post: we’ll illustrate the step-by-step process that will guide you in building a wedding website using WordPress in no time. At the last of this lesson, you can create a website like this for any type of wedding.

Items for your wedding website should have

How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

Yet, it is advisable to check the points below as you get the feeling of being capable of creating your perfect wedding site and starting to work.

1. Our narrative

The “story” portion of your wedding website’s information other than the event list is actually the most significant section. Why? it is opportune that you take advantage of this window to make your initial POA with the visitors. Take this moment to tell them, in your own words, about your love story, about those special moments you two have experienced.

Your space will have an added dimension when you allow the visitors to know you more and understand you better, thus helping them to feel more of you as a result. That’s so great let me tell you, because this is a perfect occasion to invite your guests to preview your special day before they ever get there.

2. A countdown clock

Having a countdown timer on the _wedding website_ is one of the most important tasks it contains. Instruction number one calls attention to the fact that guests can count the number of days left for jumping and in doing so it induces the spirit of expectancy. Apart from that, the display of factors such as days, hours, minutes, and seconds equals the restricted number of minutes you have before your wedding day is updated daily.

Despite planning the wedding, the couples might so remain focused and well-organized using a countdown timer. On top of that, it offers tourists the chance to relate to the two characters and their fiancés’ situation through the information contained in the posters.

3. Maps and address

To make sure that each of you has an absolute dream wedding without any imperfections, you have to think about the details that will complete your wedding day. GPS and the wedding address are usually not included on the page of the website dedicated to driving directions.

This element is very important as it allows vacationers to easily find your location and directs your wedding. These features could be nothing serious but the guests may appreciate them as they are so much useful to them.

4. Go and remain

Whatever the type of wedding you’re planning, you need to have the travel and accommodation section on your wedding website. This is whether the wedding is in a different city or just a few hours’ drive away from your prospective guests.

Tourists might quickly acquire information on accommodation, transit, and any other topics they like to know about starting their journey. By putting the coupons of the hotels on the internet, that are next to the places of entertainment, you will bring more traffic to the travel and staying area. This will help the visitors make traveling convenient, save them cash, and allow them to have other ways around.

5. RSVP and contact

There is another very much-needed component of wedding websites which is the RSVP area. It allows the guests the option to receive notices and, if they choose, they can RSVP. The RSVP part here plays a crucial role – the invitation serves as an instrument that aids in guest tracking and makes sure that those who have been so kind as to accept the invitation are there in person.

It is very important to have a way for the guests to reach out to you if they have any worries or with any queries they may be having while organizing your wedding. This mind-boggling instruction is where the wedding website’s contact options segment comes on!

6. Gift section

It goes without saying that it is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding website: receiving gifts. Your clients, hopefully, come there to your venue to convey to you their idea of their ideal wedding day.

The area of gift contributions fully supports the visitors in choosing an appropriate gift for the newlyweds. Of course, not everybody is well-acquainted enough with that object such that you would be able to ask for specifically what you wish. The section marked organizes presents rectifies this matter easily by giving hints as to the hobbies and characteristics of the couple.

7. Gallery

Feel free to upload any photos that you would like to feature in the picture gallery section, which can include images of yourself, the wedding party, as well as guests.

The footage itself is unimportant, but it can generate a sense of emotion due to its supersedence at the wedding when others can also relive the moment. Therefore, take your wedding website’s gallery section to the next level so that your guests have a clear idea of what the event will be like.

Follow these 4 steps to create your wedding website

1. Purchase a domain name

Your choice domain can be acquired either from Namecheap or Google Domains which serves as the best (most convenient) way of buying your domain name.

2. Purchase a hosting package

Just now is the best time for you could get a hosting provider for your website among various options. You get a website that you can permanently use and it is public through hosting. Despite being very expensive, however, the price is a good trade-off for a high-end product.

3. Installing WordPress on the web server you use

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that will help you build your own website very quickly learning how it works is fun.

The majority of hosting providers can easily set up and install WordPress for you.

4. Setting up a template for a wedding

In constructing a wedding plan, you actively draw a blueprint that outlines all major items in point form, rather than merely outlining the general framework of the event. This technique involves several stages, starting with devising the general plan, which includes the dress code, colors, and style features. Additionally, the template should include a timeline for the events, from the pre-wedding tasks to the nuptial rites and reception.

Much attention should be paid to the overall setup of the event room, the seating arrangements, the floral arrangements, and the menu as these things will shape and breathe life into the overall template. Through study, a clever template can be adopted by wedding planners to enable them to successfully as well as help the couple realize their individual vision and provide the couple and everyone involved with unforgettable life memories.

Recommended Pro WordPress Theme For Creating a Wedding Website

1. Wedding TWP Pro

How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

Wedding Town is a wedding plugin that will work with WooCommerce. A package with unbelievable out-of-the-box website templates is provided by the theme. Elementor-based WordPress theme we have made is a sure thing for modification without any hassle and immediate impact of tune. The theme will work with any browser and it is fully adaptive to the mobile screen size. Among the key ingredients of the theme are the quality plugins that we added along with it. They do not impose any associated costs.

Wedding Twp Pro could be preferred by contemporary online wedding businesses, creative wedding startups, or ordinary wedding organizers. The theme is available that is written with Bootstrap and could be applied to the website to make it fully responsive. For customization and defect-free operation, the code is carefully commented on and has all the files neatly organized.


  • Complete Homepages
  • Header constructor
  • Builder of footers
  • Page Builder with Drag & Drop
  • Real-time customizer and Redux core
  • Import with Just One Click
  • Infinite choices
  • Based on Sass
  • Ready for WordPress 5.0
  • Using Bootstrap as a base
  • Completely Reactive
  • Using Ajax to Work with Contact Form
  • Simple to Tailor
  • Simple and Clear
  • Awesome Fonts Icons
  • Google Fonts are free.
  • Fantastic Unique Style
  • Every file has clear comments.
  • Excellent Record-keeping
  • No-Cost Updates
  • Looks good on all contemporary browsers and devices.

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Recommended Free WordPress Theme For Creating a Wedding Website

1. Everafter Wedding

How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

Everafter is a complete wedding theme built especially for your website. It’s timeless style and modern technology is an excellent combo for displaying your important day. Themeprise is a trendy theme that has user orientation as a number one focus and is delivered with loving care and impeccable perfectionism intended for wedding and marriage-related events. The magical theme named Everafter provides ease of usage and comfort in the design for brides-to-be who strive to share their love story with the world while making it a joyful experience with attractive design elements, customizable features, and seamless connection with WordPress. With the comprehensive toolkit that it offers, creating your dream wedding website will be effortless and heartbreaking. Go for a digital journey Everafter, which is your digital celebration of everlasting love, and endure the moments and details that are vital.

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Recommended Free WordPress Plugins For Creating a Wedding Website

1. Wedding Calendar

How to Create a Wedding Website in WordPress

Active voice: Using the “Wedding Calendar,” the website owner can easily create a TV calendar, noting event dates to suit her needs and plan accordingly. One way to engage with our professional networking event is to set its date. To display the calendar, mark all the dates you want to highlight on the plugin, and then insert the shortcode in the appropriate place.


  • There is no need to modify your server or hosting
  • Technical expertise is not necessary
  • Simple to assemble
  • Absence of an external server connection

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In the end, creating a wedding website in WordPress is a valuable opportunity to share your relationship story and inform your guests about important event details like the date and time of the ceremony, menu options, and location details. With these instructions, you may have a special site that inspires beauty and uniqueness within your magical day. Whether it that through theme customization, the help of plugins, or the thoughtful content of your choice, we can create a unique wedding website that can quickly reflect the roots of your love story. See this dialogue which is totally needful to make a bond with your guests and leave them with your happiest day eternally. I hope that you will find this digital means of learning more interesting and fulfilling!

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