How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress

How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress

In this article, we’ll describe How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress. Auto lovers now are thinking of starting their website to streamline local buying and selling. Moreover, they may take it to the elevated level of the regional market that merges the needs of buyers and sellers. As a result, as the country has many prospective areas for commercial exploitation, it may turn from a typical internet company into a real big business.

Moreover, the final proof is that you can create a website that handles the entire working processes of e-commerce for a completely working automobile listing website without writing a single line of code, making it even more attractive.

In this lesson, we shall show you how to use WordPress, which is hands down the most used website management system on the planet, to make a website that looks like a car dealer or either of them.

Put on your seat belts and let’s get going!

🚘Important Information related to Automobile Listing Websites

A curious thing is that for many entrepreneurs, the venturing path just begins with their interests or passion for the industry they want to enter. Should your site be about cars and vehicles, it can mean that you are also a motorist who has a huge appetite for the automotive industry.

In this context, I would like to start by introducing the main car listing sites. Compared to the next part, which is DIY, to create your car dealer site, car listing websites come in various types. The three most popular forms of employment type will be elaborated upon at this stage.

🚘Websites for Car Directories

Initially, in the first form, there are directory listings that are not open to the public; only the site owners can add new ones. Consequently, this is a familiar layout dedicated to web pages managed by car dealers or car manufacturers. Additionally, within this layout, the sole automobile brand is being exhibited.

🚘Automobile Marketplaces

Another type of online car market is peddled in online marketplaces or websites that let people buy or sell new or even used automobiles. Sellers have the flexibility to directly deal with the consumers themselves, eliminating the need for brokers. These platforms take everything to the next level in selling used automobiles. It drops only a few clicks away and gets a safe and easy-to-use interface to make buying and selling automobiles simpler for all. It can include car audits, insurance, and all the other stuff.

🚘Websites for Car Rentals

Last but not least, companies such as Hertz and Enterprise build dedicated facilities to cater to consumers all around the world where they can hire cars. Such websites, in case you have to commute or even when your vehicle is being repaired, can be your top option.

🧑‍🔧 Requirements for launching a website for automobile work

The following five elements are necessary if you want to use WordPress to create an automobile work website:

1. Name of Domain
2. Plan for Hosting
3. Installing WordPress
4. WordPress Theme for Auto Dealership
5. Plugin for WordPress Directory

A domain name, hosting provider, and setting up WordPress for your car dealership is pretty straightforward; however, picking an official directory plugin and the actual theme for a car dealer website might be a challenge.

Therefore, determine the theme and a plugin that has all the required abilities, and adopt a precise approach according to the functional features your auto dealer website needs.

Crucial Elements of a WordPress Automobile Work Website

How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress

When looking for a directory plugin and auto dealer theme for your website, the following characteristics are some of the most important ones you should look for:

  • More Complex Search Options: You ought to implement unique search filters based on the needs and specialty of your website.
  • Particular Listing Fields: custom listing fields are essential for automobile listing websites since different vehicle types require different information to be entered.
  • Options for Monetization: With the plugin, you should be able to monetize your auto dealer website in several ways.
  • Review and Rating System: It should be possible for users to rate and evaluate automobile listings.
  • Instrument of Communication: Website users must find it simple to get in touch with automobile vendors.
  • Listing Submission in the Front End: If you wish to let users post automobile listings on your website, this functionality is crucial.

Now, let’s get to the article’s instructional section!

1. Install the WordPress theme for automobile work

  • To configure your WordPress theme on the auto dealer website, the first requirement is to perform the installation. First of all, we are using the no-frills ListingHive theme, so go to Appearance > Themes in your WP dashboard and install it right on the spot. Next, open Add New Module; press the search field and key in ListingHive. After that, come up with a scheme for entering and exiting the event.
  • One will see a link to install the Hive press plugin after you have activated the Listing hive. Installing this plugin can not be downplayed because it is the impulse that powers your website’s directories. The installation process is quick, just click on the provided link to load the plugin.
  • Once the theme is installed, the next step is to proceed to the second step, where you will install all the add-ons to enable your website to function more efficiently.

2. Put Hive press Add-ions in place

  • The ListingHive extensions are an additional feature of the ListingHive website platform, which can function like a vehicle listing website; this vehicle listing site not only contains specific elements but also provides certain features. With a single click, you can pick any of your 15+ pre-installed add-ons from your WordPress dashboard, which enables you to create a more capable car directory. Let’s move on to look at some key aspects briefly.
  • Not only that, the Geolocation add-on is also a good option if you want to have your website integrate with Google Maps swiftly and effectively. It makes it possible to work with location to find cars or it is the location-based search that it is supported by. As most visitors are restricted to their search, they are a powerful tool with any remote-server hosting of a vehicle dealership site.
  • If you want to engage your website visitors, providing them with the option to use a private messaging feature is yet another creative feature. The installation of the Messages appendage will provide the possibility of answering the needs of car sellers, such as responding to postings, attaching file documents to messages, and having convenient conversations with each other.

3. Divide the Automotive Directory into Subject Areas

  • Start with content that will engagingly complete the design of your auto dealer website once you have completed the required features. First,. you should have a look at how you could group your secure website. For convenience, having many categories based on the vehicle types, for instance, ‘Sedans’, ‘Vans’, or ‘Crossovers’, will enable skimming and browsing the directory to be easy for clients.
  • Move to the Listings > Categories section to describe how to create a new category. This area lets you expand the category, decide upon its location in the existing list of categories, upload a picture, then check the description of the category, and input the name.
    After you collect the evidence regarding the category setup, use the Add Category button. Keep in mind that you can also adjust the format of your car directory according to your preferences and leave out the categories that you find unnecessary.

4. Include Fields for Auto Listings

  • It is time that provision is made of amenities that are peculiar to car advertisements. The absence of necessary filter settings in the Listing hive is its low point. Under the Listings > Attributes, you can add as many new filters as you want. Instruments like this make you happy. Let’s try the” Make” parameter as one example, such that buyers can filter the listings between different car manufacturers that interest them.

5. Include a Vehicle Listing

  • To improve the level of how consumers view and interact with your car dealership website, let’s delve into the backstage process of availing a new listing from the front end. For example, let’s start with a category super popular – the “Crossovers”. To your website, tap the Add Listing button on the Crossovers category you want.

6. Personalizing the Home Page

  • One other procedure before setting up the homepage of the website that supports cars is the last. Listing Hive has all the Elementor and Gutenberg page builders, which are familiar to many page designers. Therefore, you can quickly change the layouts without hassle.
  • Click on Pages, and add a new area to create a new page. Below is the home title (Home, for instance) followed by placing some blocks of content later. You could also incorporate a search box for the web users that will enable them to key in keywords that will prompt the search for like cars, for example, from the website. There’s just one thing you need to do: say to select the needed block. Also, there could be another CB that displays only your directory categories and a third one with all the newly added cars.
  • You can toggle that by clicking on the Home option and choosing to publish or save it. When you press the Publish button. The second step on the way is to change the settings of your website so that the new page for your car business becomes your home page. First, go to the Reading tab in the Settings menu, then click drop-down to choose the page you want to design.

Recommended Pro WordPress Theme For Automobile Work Website

1. Automobile Twp Pro

How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress

If you have a car business site that integrates well with WooCommerce, Car Twp Pro is the theme for you. In addition, it includes themes that are perfect for car-related businesses. Furthermore, the theme offers you the best site with carefully made templates, which is one of the most important advantages of the theme. Also, as the theme is a template on the Elementor construction, you may customize at least one page at the moment freely to fit your appetite. Moreover, with its mobile-friendly nature, the theme will work on all browsers from the desktop to the smartphone and is responsive. Additionally, for this theme, we have included some Premium plugins as well. Lastly, this option incurs no expenses.

For automotive events, synchronized video and photo conferences, meetings, car startups, and innovative online car enterprises, Automobile-Twp Pro is the right choice. The kernel option theme which is built around the Bootstrap framework is offered. The gorgeous thing is that all files and code are very easy to understand and already organized in a good manner – so there is no need to worry.


  • Complete Homepages
  • Header constructor
  • Builder of footers
  • Page Builder with Drag & Drop
  • Real-time customizer and Redux core
  • Import with Just One Click
  • Infinite choices
  • Based on Sass
  • Ready for WordPress 5.0
  • Using Bootstrap as a base
  • Completely Reactive
  • Using Ajax to Work with Contact Form
  • Simple to Tailor
  • Simple and Clear
  • Awesome Fonts Icons
  • Google Fonts are free
  • Fantastic Unique Style
  • Every file has clear comments
  • Excellent Record-keeping
  • No-Cost Updates
  • Looks good on all contemporary browsers and devices

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Recommended WordPress Themes For Automobile Work Websites

1. Automobile Elementor

Car Elementor is a basic template with a minimalist design that is totally free of charge and is perfect for e-commerce stores selling beauty products, fashion & apparel, smart home products, sports, grocery, apparel, and electronics, as well as furniture, retail, small business, sects, and gift shops. This came into its own also as the most appropriate kind of online store website. The theme Biz eCommerce is adaptive, responsive, lightweight, fast, and elegant. The design is considered cool and creative with engaging content. This theme has become very popular for the fact that it is equally responsive to iPads and mobile phones, and the settings panel of the theme is unbelievably user-friendly. Here again, there is an integration of the ribbon, featured carousel, and tabbed carousel.

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2. Automobile Car Shop

How to Create an Automobile Work Website in WordPress


We present you an efficient online template for car dealership businesses – a dynamic and flexible Automobile Car Shop. This theme has been specifically built with car rental companies, auto repair shops, and dealers in mind. It still has a huge share in the field of connectivity of website dominance. From web shop configuration to extra resources it needs to develop a reliable website the Automobile Car Shop contains everything it should. By integrating the two most important features (a user-friendly interface and adaptability) companies have the possibility of demonstrating their product and service diversity similarly to providing visitors with comfortable virtual shopping. The page provides a great mix of themes with well-selected layouts and templates all implying the automobile culture.

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Recommended WordPress Plugins For Automobile Work Websites

1. Car Dealer

To rapidly carry out, in addition, publish, and sell i.e. Automobiles and other vehicles, car dealerships may log on to the web. Furthermore, Those vehicle-entry names and the inclusion are definable, you can modify them not to exceed the required number. Additionally, A real-time visual design template, with which you can edit any components and the color scheme of your product, is incorporated in the Professional version of the plugin. Lastly, The right live preview bar makes you understand the changes made and how the site design is improved by them very quickly.

Happy you will be, this very function will bring to life the exclusive, carefully thought-out design that will be forever your very own. For the task, this would be all-encompassing since without any extra code or plugins, you can easily perform that. Simple, quick, and easily deployable plus, with minimal maintenance. A wireless telecommunication guide is available with the plugin.


really designed for auto dealerships, not auto classified websites

  • Price Range Slider
  • Multilingual Assistance
  • Portuguese, Danish, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, and French
  • Files in Polish, Serbian, and Spanish Included
  • To translate into another language, get in touch with me.
  • Simple Customization of Search Parameters (Filter up to 7 fields)
  • Manager of Currency
  • Three widgets: Recent vehicles, Featured automobiles, and Search
  • Choice of 4:3 or 2:1 ratio thumbnails
  • Many dealership locations
  • Integrated flex slider gallery (optional)
  • Contact Form for Call to Action
  • Show Room Page Gallery, List View, or Grid Template
  • Four single-car page layouts (one with a sidebar)
  • When a mouse is over a picture of an automobile (gallery), the most crucial info is summarized.

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You can see that even a novice can understand how to create an Automobile Work website on WordPress with their resources. But in fact, creating a directory website is just the first step you should take; you still need to devote most of your time and energy to transforming your vehicle directory into a rising star. Trust from your visitors needs time and consistency. Once you have a constant stream of visitors to your site, you will start making money as well.

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