How to Set up a Directory Listing Website in WordPress

How to Set up a Directory Listing Website in WordPress

Finding the correct list (whether it is a neighborhood enterprise, motel, restaurant, health facility, health practitioner, legal professional, vicinity, actual property belongings, and so forth.) is made easy with the aid of a WordPress listing internet site. This article will help guide you on“How to set up a Directory Listing website in WordPress” It may be a very worthwhile method to generate earnings if it is efficaciously monetized and manages to get a few visitors.

Since a directory internet site needs to encompass a lot of complex capabilities, it can first look a little daunting. However, WordPress’s effective and intuitive plugin and theme atmosphere make growing a directory internet site a snap. Since we frequently obtain inquiries from our site visitors about “the way to construct a directory listing website with WordPress,” we can offer an academic response to this question these days.

You can create a directory website that appears and looks like Yelp, Foursquare, eBay, Yahoo, or maybe Facebook if you comply with the commands in this article. So sit up and comply with the instructions.

How to Create a Directory Listing Website in Just Simple Steps

  • Select a platform for your website.
  • Choose a domain name and hosting package
  • Set up a directory listing theme for WordPress
  • Choose your site’s monetization strategy

🚉Select a platform for your website.

How to set up a Directory Listing website in WordPress

As Themeisle, we always advise using WordPress for creating websites. This is due to several factors. Among them are…

It’s unfastened – WordPress is an open-supply software that is available without cost. Therefore, you may not have to pay outrageous prices each month to maintain your internet site. Nevertheless, you may still pay for your website’s area and web hosting. It may not cost a fortune, though!

Thousands of WordPress themes, plugins, and tools are available – Upgrade the subject on your internet site to improve its layout, or use one of the many plugins and gear to be had to feature more features and functionality.

Your website is your own – You completely very own your internet site if you use WordPress to create it. However, if you choose a hosted internet site builder that is all-in-one, you cannot cancel your monthly club and might lose your internet site.

Each and every element of your website is customizable – WordPress lets you customize the design and feel of your website to your liking. Every component of your website may be altered to meet your unique requirements.

Help is easily accessible – Via blogs, forums, and other channels, a global community of net designers, developers, and WordPress enthusiasts offer assistance and assistance. Therefore, you could usually get the right of entry to the records you need online to get the answers to your inquiries.

💻Choose a domain name and hosting package

Choose a domain name and hosting package 

An extensive choice of website hosting plans and services is presented. Consequently, to select the best host on your directory internet site, you will need to behavior a few studies.

What aspects, however, need to be considered whilst selecting a hosting business enterprise? Here are a number of the more widespread ones:

Price – The price of web hosting plans and companies might vary notably. For the preliminary tiers of your listing site launch, a simple budget plan will do. Then, as your hosting requirements and site visitors quantity increase, you may improve.

Performance and security – Selecting a bunch with a strong track report is essential if you need your internet site to feature properly and be secure. Check uptime possibilities, overall performance-related capabilities, and any records of safety incidents that every website hosting company claims to have.

Features exclusive to WordPress – Certain providers offer an intensive array of WordPress-specific functionalities that would aid in the configuration and ongoing preservation of your listing internet site. These can be each-day backups, automatic WordPress upgrades, and/or one-click WordPress installations.

Support – Your hosting company must be your first preference if something is going incorrect with your internet site. Having a hosting business enterprise that gives superb spherical-the-clock assistance may be quite useful.

🎨Set up a directory listing theme for WordPress

Set up a directory listing theme for WordPress

Installing a directory listing WordPress subject is an effective way to ensure your internet site no longer simply looks the part but additionally has all the essential directory features a listing internet site wishes. There is an extensive collection of unfastened and top-class subject matters that you can select from. Let’s test a few top capabilities that you may need your directory listing subject to include.

First of all, depending on the sort of directory website you are constructing, your theme has to have various functions. Additionally, you ought to want to make a listing website for an exclusive topic or listing close by corporations, events, employment, actual estate, and visitor attractions. Moreover, the following are some essential elements that your topic may desire to consist of, no matter the kind of listing web page you need to construct.

💰Choose your site’s monetization strategy

Choose your site's monetization strategy

A directory listing site can be made worthwhile in quite a few methods. Your website’s advent procedure can be inspired by the strategies you pick out. Let’s study some of the available choices.

Listing fees – Selling listings is a superb method to usher in everyday income, in particular in directory sectors like actual estate or employment. Think approximately acquiring a one-time fee for an agreed-upon quantity of show time or a month-to-month subscription. But, you may want loads of site visitors on your site to charge for listings.

Take ownership of a listing – A top-notch choice for directory listing websites that can be just getting started out and do not yet have quite a few visitors is the “declare a list” strategy, which is hired via websites like Yelp. You are constructing a beneficial internet site for your intended audience by way of presenting each corporation in your discipline. After that, groups may additionally pay to assert their listing and add in additional info like logo, additional contact statistics, and plenty more.

Upgraded listing – Selling top-rate listing space is every other option to make cash. On your website, top-rate listings will be located in seen areas. Additionally, they will include extra content material, bigger snapshots, and social media hyperlinks.

Accept reservations – Receive reservations and bookings through your website (for accommodations or eating places, for example) and rate a fee to carry out.

Some WordPress Themes for Creating a Directory Listing Website

👉FT Directory Listing

FT Directory Listing

Firstly, using the assistance of the present-day loose directory, listing, and market WordPress subject matter FT Directory Listing, you can quickly create an online listing gateway for any kind of business enterprise. Additionally, it’s simple to set up your directory website by installing WordPress. Moreover, your directory internet site can be launched fast with the import of sample cloth. Furthermore, the subject has an exceedingly imaginative and tidy fashion for listing websites in general. Finally, you will have a ton of alternatives for your directory project’s intended internet presence while using the FT Directory Listing subject matter.

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The listing is a unique WordPress.Org subject idea. You can fast build an internet gateway and post your enterprise listings with a Directory Theme. The listing uses GeoDirectory, Bootstrap, and the energy of WordPress block enhancing to construct a modern-day directory site that hundreds fast.

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👉Best Listing

Best Listing

First of all, the best WordPress directory subject matter with the ability to display advertisements is known as BestListing.Additionally, it gives a person-pleasant interface and a huge variety of customization options. Moreover, it is enormously responsive and well-suited to diverse gadgets. Furthermore, it provides excellent support and regular updates. In conclusion, BestListing is the top choice for those looking to create a professional and profitable directory website.

The topic sticks out from the competition because of its multi-directory capability, countless custom fields, paid featured listings, migration competencies, CSV import capability, and several monetization and mapping assets. It also consists of a function for displaying categorized classified ads, which allows you to submit commercials for your website and facilitates the launch of a categorized listing agency. It additionally looks remarkable and is absolutely responsive across all gadgets.

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A multipurpose WordPress theme that helps you to create lists and directory websites of any kind. ListingHive works well for any form of listing internet site, inclusive of task forums, real estate, classified ads, employer directories, and more.

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Some WordPress Plugins for Creating a Directory Listing Website

1. Directory Listings WordPress plugin

How to set up a Directory Listing website in WordPress

Through little problem, you may without difficulty create an expert agency listing listings website on WordPress with the usage of our listing listings WordPress plugin. Listings for any category, which includes actual property, employment, occasions, motors, places, and publications, can be designed and displayed.


  • Adding a listing
  • Create a pricing plan
  • Adding a listing type

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2. Directorist

How to set up a Directory Listing website in WordPress

Would you like to create a Yelp-, Yellow-Pages-, or Tripadvisor-like online employer directory on your WordPress website? You’ve come to the right spot if the response is in the affirmative. The Directorist Corporation Directory Plugin makes it less difficult to construct powerful categorized websites or company directories of any type.

An online listing has countless capabilities. You can rewrite the sentence in the active voice as follows: “It can serve as a source of revenue, a means to give back to the community, a method to help others maintain their businesses, a way to enhance an already-existing enterprise, and more.”


  • Compatible with all themes, including well-known ones like Divi, Astra, Avada, and OceanWP.
  • 25+ Elementor Page Builder widgets.
  • With the addition of a custom fields filter, advanced search filters assist in improving and producing accurate search results, improving the overall search experience.
  • Dashboard for front-end users to manage listings.
  • Both front-end as well as back-end submission of listings.
  • Yoast SEO compatibility together with an integrated SEO optimization solution.
  • Ajax-driven submission for listing and evaluation.

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How to set up a Directory Listing website in WordPress

The pinnacle WordPress plugin for business directories, called GeoDirectory, is active. Assist customers of your Geo directory website in finding businesses worldwide through their listings.GeoDirectory transforms any WordPress topic into an effective seek network for users, regardless of what kind of website you want to create: a town directory, job board, actual property listings directory, or classifieds website.

Using a brilliant series of blocks, shortcodes, and widgets, upload all your employer listings straight away and create user-pleasant, location-primarily based online directories. Utilize one hundred well-matched WordPress web page builders like Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Oxygen to finish the challenge without fear and in style!


  • Make a local directory for yourself.
  • Post the form you submitted for a listing.
  • Upload every listing you have at once.
  • Use the more than 40 widgets, shortcodes, and blocks available to enhance user experience.
  • Boost your search using sophisticated filters.
  • Easily moderate your listings.

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In conclusion, setting up a Directory Listing Website in WordPress is a doable task with the right technique and gear. By following the steps outlined in this manual, you may create a professional and functional listing that serves the desires of your audience. Remember to prioritize user revel, search engine optimization, and cellular responsiveness to ensure the fulfillment of your internet site. With determination and interest in detail, you could construct a platform that fosters connections and gives treasured sources. Best of luck on your listing internet site challenge!

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