How to Setup A School Management Website In WordPress

How to Setup A School Management Website In WordPress

Nothing lasts forever, and constructing a school website is no exception. In this article, we will guide you on How to Setup A School Management Website In WordPress. It is proper that the development of the online era is considerably changing the face of education. Being an educational group’s proprietor, you have to realize that a school internet site wishes to be both useful and educative. Hence, creating a WordPress college internet site will let you communicate with instructors, parents, college students, and other stakeholders.

Table Of Content

    1. Overview
    2. Reasons for Using WordPress to Build a School Website
    3. Basic Procedures for Developing and Designing WordPress School Websites
    4. Set up the Plugins
    5. Set up the Themes
    6. What Is Required To Create A WordPress-Powered School Website?
    7. Conclusion


Although building a college website might also seem difficult, you could quickly achieve this with WordPress CMS. Creating an online faculty website on a platform that masses of thousands of humans have trusted is the principal benefit of making use of WordPress.

According to Colorlib’s projections, 810 million websites currently use WordPress. If money is scarce, WordPress is an open-source program that is loose and comparatively simple to apply. Appropriate topics for your school website can be fast and easily created without cost. WordPress college website designers assist in enhancing your online presence and leveraging various digital opportunities. This article covers essential strategies for building a WordPress school website, along with recommendations for top plugins compatible with most primary school website designs.

Let’s get properly into the benefits of using WordPress to assemble a school website.

Reasons for Using WordPress to Build a School Website


The most sought-after content material control device (CMS) on the earth is WordPress. Currently, it powers around forty percent of all websites on the net, and that percentage is growing step by step! Currently, powers over 34 percent of all websites on the internet, and that percentage is constantly rising!

But is the usage of WordPress for college websites clearly worth it? You can also have encountered some differing viewpoints on it.

WordPress is widely used and has a strong foundation.

WordPress is broadly used and supported, which means that a full-size network regularly uses, exams, and improves it. In other phrases, WordPress is constantly increasing, making it the greatest option for your number one faculty website design as it’s far a sturdy, modern-day, and destiny-ready platform.

Open source and free software is WordPress.

Since WordPress is free to download and use, creating a web school website using it can be less expensive than using a costly commercial website content management system.

Since WordPress is an open-source content management device (CMS), its usage of it doesn’t involve any startup expenses or renewal expenses. If essential, switching to a distinctive issuer is made easy. This is not the case for other groups that make use of proprietary content material management systems (CMSs) which can be immutable or transferable.

WordPress is quick and safe.

Because WordPress has grown so famous, it’s far continually being advanced. To defend your WordPress college internet site from these capability security threats, WordPress specialists are available to offer protection patches and improvements each time a brand new safety risk emerges on the net.

WordPress offers countless possibilities for design

Website developers utilize WordPress, a free open-supply content control device, to create lots of websites on the net. WordPress can handle everything, from a small, fundamental internet site to a massive, custom-built elementary faculty website design.

When your WordPress internet site for school expands and evolves, a nicely designed WordPress website also can adapt. Put actually, because it’s far adaptable to your faculty’s needs, it is a terrific platform for constructing online school websites.

WordPress’s destiny-equipped nature and its capability to reduce the probability of needing a complete website redo within a year to accommodate updates or new features make it an excellent investment for schools.

WordPress makes it easier to add new features.

Although WordPress is a fully scalable content management system, you can still enhance functionality on your website by adding features and add-ons as needed.

If you need to feature extra functions, don’t worry! Because, probably, the unique capability you want is already present and you can implement it conveniently.

Now let’s go to the subsequent section.

Basic Procedures for Developing and Designing WordPress School Websites

1. Shortlist A Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is the first step in utilizing WordPress to create a school website. The domain name of your website is its address. As a result, if you post a website online, it has to have some content that users may call or enter to access.

If users are unable to access your website, they simply need to remember the domain name. Keep in mind that you can only have one website per domain name when using WordPress to create an online school website.


Additionally, by using an online school website, you may identify and advertise your business using the domain name. Selecting it is easy when designing a WordPress website for an elementary school. The name of your school, institution, learning center, or educational site is a good option for the domain.

However, even before building a WordPress college website, you must act quick to get a domain name to save it from falling into the arms of your competition.

Once you’ve selected your area call, you ought to make sure it is already taken.

2. Sign up and choose a hosting package.

To build a WordPress school website, you’ll need WordPress hosting for colleges in addition to a domain name. The hosting space may be used to store anything like data, shortcodes, photos, and more.

In technical terms, you can divide it into several categories, with shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated web hosting being the least powerful options, as they run the website on a real server.

If you want to create a WordPress school website, there are a few top WordPress hosts that can provide you a lot of storage and bandwidth. However, they pay an extremely high price.


A web hosting company can help you display the website online. As such, you need to select an affordable web hosting plan. because using a shared plan is more practical and economical for novices.

3. Installing WordPress

WordPress was selected as the finest platform for building an online school website because of its user-friendliness.

It offers an amazing content management system (CMS) and a great platform for creating top-notch WordPress school websites. You can create a fully working website for free without knowing a single line of code. Additionally, creating a school website is quite easy using WordPress.

The next step in our process is to install WordPress. There are two ways to go about achieving this. It is first available through your hosting provider. After registering your hosting, installing WordPress only takes a few steps.

4. School WordPress Website Design

Website Design

Changing your website’s design, structure, and appearance (theme) becomes effortless with pre-built WordPress templates for school websites. Conduct research to find a theme that perfectly suits your website’s needs.

Utilize educational web design examples and ideas in your WordPress Dashboard to enhance your website’s appearance and appeal. Consider these factors when selecting a WordPress theme, as recommended by elementary school website design services.

Design: The layouts and designs of the theme greatly influence how guests view the area. Elementary school website design services advise selecting a theme that is suitable for an educational website, looks neat, and features beautiful, professional visuals.

Capabilities: Website design services for elementary schools are aware of your theme confusion. A few themes have functionality built right in for websites catering to online education. Select the one you believe will make your website look more professional. But remember to go through each assessment of the topics to select the best one.

Responsiveness: Responsiveness: One of the maximum important components of the WordPress school website subject matter is its responsiveness. It must thus be designed to work with all platform types, together with computing devices, tablets, and mobile phones. Reaching every audience through every medium is crucial.

SEO-Friendly: If you optimize your theme for search engines (SEO) and adhere to SEO best practices for schools, your website may appear higher in Google search results. Consequently, you’ll see an increase in website visitors. Visit Validator and enter the theme’s URL to see if it is optimized for search engines.

The Person Who Wrote The Background Theme: This sometimes affects just premium themes. Consider the team’s assistance for other clients before investing in a premium theme.

5. Set up the Plugins

The greatest WordPress LMS plugins are pre-installed on some themes created with educational uses in mind. Several WordPress site development businesses for higher education claim that some of them do not have these plugins. To solve these issues, a school website with an instructional emphasis is insufficient.

Your websites will need additional functionalities. If you want an online school website, you need a plugin that lets you set up an online course that students may enroll in, among other things.

Below are some of the best free Plugins mentioned

1. The School Management – Education & Learning Management

The School Management – Education & Learning Management

A WordPress plugin called the School Management System is used to handle several aspects of the school, including classes, sections, students, ID cards, personnel, instructors, fees, invoicing, noticeboards, and much more.

Features of the School Management System:

  • Subjects: Include a variety of topics and designate instructors.
  • Student Admission: Enroll additional students in a course.
  • Student Promotion: Encourage students to transfer between classes.
  • Positions and Permission: Assign permissions and create custom roles.
  • Admin, Staff: Add personnel who have the authority to oversee the school, such as administrators.
  • Teacher, Accountant: Incorporate a teacher to oversee pupils. To handle fee invoices and payments, add an accountant.
  • Accounting: Creation of Fee Invoices and Collection of Payments.
  • Widgets: Noticeboard and Student Login Widgets are examples of Widgets.
  • Pages & Shortcodes: Noticeboard, Student Dashboard, Student Login Form, Fee Collection Form, and Inquiry Form.
  • Settings: Payment Methods, Email Templates, Email Carrier, and School Settings.
  • Email Templates: Email template for online payment, invoice generation, and student admission

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2. School Management System – WPSchoolPress

School Management System – WPSchoolPress

The WPSchoolPress plugin is an extremely user-friendly tool for school administration. You may sample a full-featured education management solution with its potent features.


  • Role-based access: Educators, parents, students, and school administrators may all just log in and view their individual dashboards.
  • Student Attendance Management: Teachers and administrators can monitor daily class attendance comprehensively. Parents and students can access attendance reports by date, and teachers can input reasons for absences. Automated messages, including the date, reason for absence, and day, are sent to registered parents for each missed class, provided the school has our SMS add-on.
  • Subjects and Classrooms: WPSchoolPress simplifies course creation and assignment for administrators. Teachers’ assignments can be easily managed through class and subject allocations. Parents can view their child’s information, including class numbers, subjects, and assigned teachers, within their dashboards.
  • Grade Management for Students: Teachers and administrators can enter grades in WPSchoolPress according to classes and subjects. You may add performance remarks. Parents’ and students’ dashboards display grades.
  • Management of School Schedules: Exam and event calendars are made by the administrator and instructors. Teachers, students, and parents receive notifications of academic changes via email (free) or SMS (paid add-on).
  • Management of Transportation: Teachers, parents, and students may view transportation information on their dashboards thanks to the admin. Parents receive notifications regarding changes to the driver, changes to the route, etc. by email (free) or SMS (paid add-on).
  • Regular changes to features: We work hard to provide feature upgrades so you can manage the school’s operations efficiently. These upgrades are based on feature requests and recommendations from our customers. Visit our website often to see any modifications or new features.

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6. Set up the Themes

Below are some of the best free Themes mentioned

1.  SKT Coach

SKT Coach

For mentors, therapists, motivational speakers, leaders, counselors, copywriters, course developers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, personal development specialists, fitness, gyms, weight training, educational websites, learning management systems (LMS), training centers, colleges, academies, schools, universities, kindergartens, and platforms for selling courses, SKT Coach is a WordPress theme with a coaching theme. To identify yourself to potential consumers and highlight your services (Life, Health, Career, Instructor, GYM, Wellness & Fitness), you may set up a formal website. Easy to use, scalable, adaptable, responsive, and SEO-optimized. Create with the Elementor page builder.

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2. Uni Course

Uni Course

Uni Course, a flexible WordPress theme, offers features tailored for online learning, career training, and other educational websites and learning management systems. Its SEO-friendly design and responsive layout ensure high search engine ranks and seamless functioning on all platforms. It offers a smooth user experience and social network integration, and it is compatible with other WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce for online retailers. It also has configurable features.

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7. Include Relevant Content

Relevant Content

Details about the institution and how to get in touch with them. Give a brief overview of the organization, mentioning its goals, accreditation, recognition, history, and courses offered. You also need to give the contact details for your school, such as its address, phone number, location on Google Maps, etc.

A course, or a part containing information on the courses and programs offered by the school. Include the course description, specifications, the number of students enrolled in each class, the length of the course, and perhaps its timetable. In this area, use images, graphics, and videos to highlight your school’s events, successes, activities, etc. for your higher education marketing plan.

Flyers for current or impending events, lectures, seminars, publications, announcements, etc. are examples of current events. They also feature awards, education, and training for job progress. You can include information about your students’ accomplishments, development, and test scores in this section.

In this part, you can provide student or parent assessments of your extracurricular activities and school along with testimonials.

Highlight the achievements of your school, post pictures of your professors, students, and outstanding graduates, and give parents and potential students reasons to choose your school.

What Is Required To Create A WordPress-Powered School Website?

Most WordPress school websites have some of these elements in common:

  • About Us Page: The “About” page of your WordPress website for schools should contain information about your institute, school, or university, such as its history, location, accolades, and certifications.
  • Homepage: Your website’s home page is where visitors will create their initial impression of it. Here, you may put all the vital information that you want them to know, such as your logo, images, important announcements, and information about forthcoming events.
  • Courses Page: When building a WordPress school website, you should keep in mind that you may include extensive information about the courses your institution provides on this page.
  • Faculty Guide: This website contains information on the professors, staff, and students at your university.
  • Sign Up: You should include a registration form on your WordPress school website for visitors who wish to sign up for your lessons.
  • Contact form: To allow visitors and students to contact you directly, your WordPress website for schools should also have a contact form.

It’s now your chance to think about the elements and features you would want to include in the design of the primary school website. You should take care while adding material to the WordPress websites of the schools you select since it will improve the recognition and reputation of your organization. If you don’t have it now, don’t panic; you can think about adding it later.


Oh my! Having made the entire journey, you should now have a clearer understanding of whether you should use a proprietary website CMS or an open-source one like WordPress. Compare the two answers if you’re still unclear.

It goes without saying that we endorse WordPress! You may also make a WordPress school website by following the steps outlined in this article. This method may even be used to build personal blogs or websites for major corporations or small enterprises.

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