Plugin Instructions

General Settings

  1. Select the blog layout and customize it.
  2. You can select the page where you want to show the layout.
  3. You can choose the number of posts to display.


4. You can select post categories, tags, and authors.

5. You can hide/show the post category, post tag, post author, post date, comment count, and sticky post.



Standard Settings

  1. You can add main cover class name.
  2. Select columns for different sizes.
  3. You can change post background hover color and link color and link hover color.


Post Title Settings

  1. You can change post title color, title background color and title link hover color.
  2. And title typography settings also.


Post Content Settings

  1. You can manage post content length.
  2. You can change content color and typography settings.
  3. Read more text, read more color and background color.


Slider Settings

  1. You can change slider effect slide or fade.
  2. Select columns for different sizes.
  3. Slider control hide/show and autoplay on/off.
  4. Slider autoplay intervals and slider speed.

Social Share Settings

  1. Enable/Disable Social Share Settings.
  2. You change the shape of the social share icon square or circle.
  3. Social share link settings.




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